The Wake Up Call


I wish I never would have answered the 7am wake up call. That was the first of cascading issues.

After getting into Manhattan late last night on the train after a two hour delay and not getting to the hotel until 1am, like any college student my body was ready to sleep-in this Saturday morning.

This morning however, I answered that wake up call because today began the day of the pre-conference for the College Media Association’s Spring National Convention. Since everyone was hungry and wanted to find the nearest food, we decided to take advantage of the hotel’s dining service. What we would soon find out after committing was that the cornflakes cereal and ripe banana that I had just eaten cost me a whopping 24 dollars. All I could think was, “now I know” for the rest of the trip and “things would be looking up.”

As I anxiously maneuvered my way downstairs to register for the pre-conference, something in the back of my mind told me this was only the beginning. “Canisius College,” I said with excitement to the registration desk. The women checked their folders and could not find the school’s name on the large manila envelopes. Turns out we were not registered for the conference, “If only I did not answer that 7am wake up call.”

After about 20 minutes and a couple phone calls the staff told us they would figure everything out and we would be okay for today. However, the video session that we were hoping to get in on was full. Now what?

My eyes scanned the program book with the summary of each session and I came across a master writing class by Charlie Euchner, author and former professor at Yale. During the session, he told the group all about his golden rule of writing and how important it is to “start strong and finish strong” with every sentence, paragraph, and story. He spoke highly about making everything a journey and how important it is to have a story arc with rising conflict. Charlie showed students examples of strong writing that has developed detail and action.

After having a hot dog and milkshake for lunch in the heart of Times Square, I was feeling that this day was looking up. The sun was shining down on the black pavement and hundreds of people packed in Times Square. I found myself admiring the people and smiling for such a beautiful day.

The class ended around four o’clock and after sitting inside most of the day, I decided to take a walk and venture outside the hotel doors into Times Square. I was walking down 7th avenue towards 42nd street and stopped to see this…(click on photo)Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 12.45.14 AM

After watching these guys break dance, I knew that my complaint of being tired, overpaying for breakfast, and feeling like everything was going wrong with registration was not all that bad. This performance reminded me that like them, in working hard and putting themselves out there, I was meant to be here in NYC. That fifteen minutes that I took to watch others elated clapping and having a good time reminded me why I love the city. People everywhere just seem to have an upbeat spirit about life, and I want to be a part of that. This performance was the start of showing me that this trip has nothing but good things to further my media skills and guide me to cultivate the talents I have.

I then wandered around 66th and Lincoln Center to admire the city more and take in all the beauty that it has. This is a city where anything is possible, you need to be open to it. I felt great the rest of the day and had to end day one with a Magnolia treat to toast the days ahead.Magnolia CMA 13

I am glad that I answered that 7am wake up call.


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One Response to The Wake Up Call

  1. Emma says:

    You are a very talented writer and reporter! I’m a huge fan, thanks for sharing!

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