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Article in The Griffin today about my trip to is the full article I wrote


Article in The Griffin Lifestyle section

I am a girl that likes her sweets. Whenever I come to New York I always get my fix at 200 Columbus Avenue, the famous-Magnolia Bakery. There is an array of choices from its famous cupcakes to decadent cookies to mouth watering peanut butter pies. Although your eyes indulge everything you scan, you only have enough room to pick one, maybe two.

I wanted to get my usual banana pudding and possibly a peanut butter toffee bar. How would you choose?

This is the situation many employers are facing in the media world today when hiring students fresh out of college looking for a job. They are looking for something sweet and inviting, but they want that first bite to suit their need.

The College Media Conference that the GriffinTV officers went to this past weekend had professionals speak to college students from all across the country on how they can better themselves in the work they are doing now, so that they will be ready for the career world when they graduate. Now a days, a degree is the bare minimum, not even–it is assumed.

There were sessions from improving your resume to trying to land a job in the TV industry and each one had me walking away with a better direction of where I was going. GriffinTV began last semester and has already made so many improvements due to the hard work of about 15 students. I learned that many clubs from other schools are also limited on their technology and short staffed, and somehow make it work. I also saw the potential we could have of gaining more experience and increasing our numbers in student participation to benefit the Canisius community.

Today, it is all about experience. KeyNote speaker, Jason Wagenheim, VP and Publisher of Teen Vogue stated that he knows he was preaching to the choir, but he could not stress it enough, “it is important for students to get out.” Today, employers are really looking for the experience that students have outside of the classroom. It made me think of one of Canisius’ new mottos-”Go exploring.” It is the experience outside of the classroom that will make a difference in our lives because that is something that cannot be taught inside four closed walls with a textbook and a laptop.

After swiping my credit card and signing on the dotted line, the cashier handed me back a bag with both choices, my usual banana bread pudding and something new- the peanut butter toffee bar. I went with both because during this trip I was able to taste the usual New York I love and know, and also take a bite of something new, people who live and breathe media studies and find life in everything they do. It is so inviting and contagious that I hardly slept this whole trip and felt like I just had to be a part of it.

Nights were dedicated to wandering the city because I was craving the taste of being immersed in the center of it all. New York City is not a place to escape to, rather it is a mere symbol of all that is to emerge. It is where I happen to be right now, effortlessly getting my thoughts on the screen. My bags are packed and I am ready to leave in about 10 minutes. I glance out the window towards 7th Avenue, faintly hearing the taxi horns and dump truck rumbles, thinking I would not have it any other way.


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