Celebrating the people who make me–me!

Today was my birthday. I do not feel any different or look any different. I did not even do anything out of the ordinary besides go somewhere really special for dinner and had a piece of brownie birthday cake for dessert. And yet everyone around me through Facebook, letters, phone calls and in person, reminded me that I am getting older and closer to being an adult. Goodbye to the teenage years and hello to a new decade–the “20’s!” So why can’t I see it? Why can’t I feel like my life has shifted just little bit?

The truth is, it has not. Change does not happen over night. Change takes time and cannot be pinpointed on an exact moment. Looking back a few years at pictures and comparing them to now, I do see change. I see change in my appearance and friendships. I also see an intrinsic change in character though. The girl that I am today was not always confident in who she was, or liked to try new things. Looking back, I see that I am not the person I am today without all of those who have impacted my life.

As I look at my Facebook page from birthday messages from all my friends, I see old and new alike. My childhood friends sending warm wishes, good friends from high school reaching out although we are far apart, and my college friends right inside my very dorm are all there to celebrate who I am. My family spent most of the day with me, others called, and many sent cards and messages for another blessed year. All of these people make me who I am and are a huge part of my life. They are the people I interact with every day and change with as time goes by. It is on my birthday that I am so thankful for all of those around me and I celebrate with them the relationships we have.

I remember last night when the clock changed to midnight and all of my friends came rushing to give me hugs and screaming it was my birthday. I felt so blessed and loved. That change was evident, the date and time was no longer March 15th, but March 16th once 12 midnight hit..and I had 24hrs to celebrate who I was. But what about when those 24 hours were over, or are over? What will tomorrow bring?

Although it may not feel evident, I begin a new decade and have another direction I am turning…one to an adult. I alway thought and still think that twenty is a weird age because I am no longer a teenager, but also not yet a true adult and 21. Maybe God gave us twenty to really reflect on if we are even ready to become adults, or better yet, reflect on if we are ready to give up being a child.

I share a birthday with my mother, also born on March 16th, and I see that as a true blessing. I could not think of a better person to share it with, one of my biggest fans and role models in life. Together we are ringing in another year by celebrating all that we are and thankful for those around us.


family and roommates- some of the best people I can surround myself with

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