Awaiting Spring

Spring break is finally here, and I have never been so ready.

It has been a crazy few weeks with class work, midterms, birthdays, and school events. As I glance out the window ready to go home, I wonder if mother nature is ready for spring break. All she seems to be giving this afternoon, is wet, wet snow.

It is clearly spring says the calendar! But here in Buffalo, the winter weather has not ended. Many students are heading home to relax and face the mild weather, and others are leaving to vacation somewhere under the sun. I am lucky enough to pack up with my family and head to Disney for the beginning of break! I see this winter weather in late March as a reminder to appreciate what is about to come.

Campus grounds this afternoon

Campus grounds this afternoon

For once the sun comes out and melts all of the snow, nature will be gaining its rich colors again. The grass will become green, the brown trees will gain its leaves, and the flowers will bloom. The heavy and dense snow marks the end of the busy last couple of weeks. After break, there is the shining sun and the last couple of weeks of classes until school is out.

The days will keep getting longer with sunlight and the temperature will keep on rising. There is so much to look forward to after the snow passes because new life will begin again.

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