United We Stand #BostonStrong

It has been an overwhelming week for the country. It is crazy to look back and think that while I was doing this on Monday..


Interpersonal Communications Studying

This was going on further east in Boston..

Boston Bombings on Monday


It is hard to say exactly the right thing when something tragic like this happens to the country. Everyone wants to ask the question “why?” and wonder what type of world we live in where people would even have a thought about doing something so cruel to people so innocent. Especially in a place that was celebrating an accomplishment, the Boston Marathon. It makes you wonder if any place is safe.

This week I found myself glued to the TV watching the story of the marathon bombers unfold and then felt like this nightmare continued with the event that took place in West, Texas. Every day this week I would continuously check my newsfeed on Facebook and Twitter and check the local and national news online and on TV. It is amazing to see how much technology has changed and how powerful it is at times like these. This is an amazing story of a man from Jacksonville, Florida who just happened to have captured suspect two while capturing Monday’s event. The country was able to ban together to find these two criminals it a short amount of time. Tonight I was amazed at what happened within the past twenty four hours from last nights shoot out to tonights finding of Suspect 2 in custody around 9 pm. So many people were hurt in this tragic event and four precious lives were lost. All four of the victims who lost their lives were wonderful people with hopeful stories and did not deserve an early end to their lives.

It is times like these when heroes in the story books come to life. Many people on Monday fled towards the scene instead of away from it to help save another’s life. There has been a flood of support and generosity all around the country to help those in need. One of my favorites was the therapy dogs, some of which went to visit Sandy Hook a few months ago. We should be proud as a country to have so many amazing people perform selfless acts during a time of chaos.

Boston this week was on the edge of their seats and the shoot out Thursday to lock down all day Friday had people constantly worried about what would happen next and when this nightmare was going to end. To hear tonights ending that Suspect 2 was found and in custody was great news. The country was no longer stuck holding their breath from Monday’s shock because the city of Boston, which turned into what felt like a war zone was going to now slowly turn around to the place they have known as home.

Many people on Facebook and Twitter were commenting on what a bad world we live in and that immigrants should not be allowed into America. It is important to remember though that our country was founded by immigrants and is a place where all are welcome to come and get a fair opportunity at the “American dream.” The United States is a wonderful place that values freedom and opportunity. The problem is not with humanity, it is with the criminals who have no sense of value in life or respect for others.

It is an event like this that makes people to step back and reassess their lives. It reminds people how lucky they are and that every day is a true blessing. This week reminded others of the importance of love. It is important to tell those close to you that you love them because we never know what the next day is going to bring. There was love shown this week by many generous individuals who put their lives on hold to help save others’.



Tonight, Boston can sleep a little more soundly knowing that things are on the way to a better tomorrow.

11:34 p.m. ET: Massachusetts State Police tweet, “To all of you looked at suspect pics, retweeted, and supported law enforcement this week: thank you and God bless. #BostonStrong indeed.



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