My Thursday WIWW :)

I know today is Thursday, but I decided to do a WIWW (What I Wore Wednesday..the alliteration goes nicely) inspired by my outfit I wore to my brother’s graduation last night..

Can you guess what store I got a great deal at on this dress?


Shopping has always been a hit or miss for me, it is when I am not looking for something in particular when I find the best things. When I am in a hurry and know exactly what I want or am looking for, that is when no store seems to be my Carrie Bradshaw closet. So it is best, for myself, to always be on the lookout for good finds–but not looking too hard haha..

I got this dress from Forever 21 for under $25. That store overwhelms me with the two levels and plethora of clothes that I feel like I have to skim through every rack to get a glimpse of what the store has. When you take the time to look, it has almost every style! BUT being the impatient person that I am, I like to walk the rooms and if something catches my eye, I go to it. This dress was so pretty and actually my mom had gotten it to wear to a couples party she and my dad were hosting. Since she already wore it for her event and I really liked it, I decided to wear it to Will’s graduation. There’s one catch though..I alway like to make things my own and when first putting on the dress, I actually liked it backwards. YES…backwards! I liked the high collar in the front and lower scoop neck in the back. I put it on and played with the bow a little bit to make the dress what I wanted.


That is something I love about fashion and style. The designer has a certain idea about a specific piece they create, but once it goes into the buyer’s hands, it becomes and expression of who that person is. The consumer dresses up the item with their own accessories, or may alter it in one way or another, …. or wear it backwards!

Since being away in the Philippines for three weeks and going without makeup, I have been enjoying the part of my morning routine that for forever has simply been ingrained. My go-to eye shadow is Two Face- Naked Eye. I usually put the light colors underneath the brow(birthday suit) and along the eyelid (satin sheets), with an accent of grays, dark browns, or blacks (unmentionables) on the corner of the eyelid, just up to the crease and blend it in. I outline my eyes with Buxom Eyeliner (another one of my favorites) and add some Rimmel London Scandaleyes Mascara.

two face

Eye makeup

When it comes to hair I just let mine do its thing. I decided I wanted to curl my hair, but because I usually use my roommate’s curling wand at the dorm I had to improvise. I took a thin curling iron and treated it like a curling wand, just wrapping the hair around the ends all the way up. As I did each section of my hair I would flip my head over and spray the curls so that they would hold. I pinned the top of my hair back away from my face and pinned the curls to one side of my face for some style.


Now for the finishing touches..I am a lover of all things peanut butter and RED LIPSTICK. To branch out I decided to use a colored lip balm, Clinique Chubby Stick-Chunky Cherry with the gloss from Clinique’s Long Last Glosswear-Tenderheart. The gloss was the perfect touch to complement the light color on my lips. Unlike lipstick which can sometimes look chunky, the lip balm was much thinner and helped moisturize my lips while giving it color. I highly recommend both of these products.


This is some jewelry I have had over the years that I mixed and matched to my dress. The shoes I got from The Shoe Dept. when I was in Mobile Alabama two summer’s ago for the national competition of Distinguished Young Women.

shoes and jewelry

Last night was a ton of fun, and watching my brother graduate reminded me of what I was like just before high school and how the best is still yet to come. All of these years up to eight grade have laid the foundation of morals and knowledge William has to lead him through the rest of his life. Now he will be tested in life with making choices–what classes will he take, what friends will he surround himself with, how will he act when he encounters someone needing his help–sometimes deciding is the hardest thing. There are no answers that can be taught to all the questions in life, those decisions need to be made by the individual, and one can only hope that years of growing up have given him/her the tools to know what is right and act accordingly. I have faith that William will know and do the right things as he makes his next step in life. He has the whole world ahead of him, and I am glad to call him my little brother whom I love very much :)!

IMG_4908So glad tomorrow is Friday! I have great news to share, so make sure you come back to check in.. I am also doing some redesigning with the blog that should be done by next week! 🙂


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