A day late…WIAW and WIWW

Hi Everyone! This WIAW and WIWW are a little late because I really wanted to write up how important Distinguished Young Women is to me in my last post. But Hey, you can still get excited for looking at some delicious food this Thursday. AND The week is turning out to be pretty nice despite some of the rain we had.

What is today? The Fourth of July! Happy Independence Day! Tomorrow make sure you come back because I will have some delicious Fourth of July recipes with pictures to share and fashion that are not too late to take advantage of this holiday weekend. So let’s get right to it…



Corn Chex, greek yogurt, almond milk, fruit, sliced almonds, and granola


ImagePerfectly Simple Cranberry Almond nutrition bar, bananas and pea butter, sliced apples, mixed fruit with greek yogurt and cashews (my favorite nuts), Peanut Butter Kashi bar, and an apricot (delicious this time of year)


Imagemeatloaf and bean salad with fresh veggies over spinach and topped with salsa

Imageavocado toss salad (recipe still to come) with Fontinella cheese over top



I was never a fan of meatloaf until I had my mom’s-absolutely delicious with steamed broccoli and couscous

Imageabsolutely any veggies you can find in your fridge veggie salad with feta and topped with salsa (can you tell I LOVE my summer salads??)


Imageokay, so I was not the best at remembering to take dessert photos this week because I would devour it right after I made it, but this is a delicious ice-cream sandwich by Fit and Active.

Time for…WIWW (What I Wore Wednesday), which I think I am changing to doing on Fridays because Food and Fashion in one day is a little to much. Especially if I want to throw in some recipes for you all.

Last night we went to Tappo for my dad’s birthday downtown (write up to come) and I decided to finally wear out some of the new products I have been testing.

ImageMascara– CoverGirl Flamed Out Mascara. I have seen this product ad in a lot of magazine’s lately modeled by the lovely Pink and decided to give it a try. What I like about this mascara is that it beautiful coverage and separation of every last without the clumping. There is no flaking or smudging and I do put on about three coats for maximum volume. I bought the Very Black Blaze water resistant one because it is summer and would highly recommend this new mascara to anyone. Another plus–at the end of the night the mascara comes off easy with makeup remover.


Eyeshadow– This is L’Oreal Pari’s Perpetual Purple Infallible Eyeshadow, which has a very concentrated colour pigment and can supposedly last up to 24 hours. I had found that within applying only a few strokes from my brush, the color really stood out. This was great because to get the color you want sometimes from an eyeshadow, you need to apply it over and over again…here that was NOT the case. The application was easy and I winged out the shadow to elongate my eyes. Sometimes it is hard for photos to do certain looks justice..but hopefully you can see from my pictures how nice the application looks…and you may want to give it a try 😉


Now for the lips…


Lips– This is the new Almay color and care liquid lip balm in Pink Pout. It claims to provide 2x the hydration for your lips and give it a gloss-like color and shine. To get the color I wanted I found that I had to apply it a few more times than I had hoped, but once I got the color I wanted it did last a good few hours. As far as hydration, my lips did not need to be hydrated, but I also did not feel as if they were softer than usual. Overall, I enjoyed trying something new and specifically picked it off the shelf to go with my eyes, but I may stick with my usual lipsticks and glosses.

Of course the look is not complete without painted nails…

ImageSephora’s Screen Test with some OPI purple sparkles

Now for the outfit…Can you guess the colors??

ImageI always have a colour scheme and this look was based on the new products I was trying. This top seemed to match perfectly. It is something I have had in my closet by MixIt. The fading from magenta into dark purple nicely incorporates all of the different shades of purples and pinks I was wearing.

TIP: Fun tops are perfect to pair with solid color jeans, black pants, or even pencil skirts!

More recipes to come and another look next week! Happy Fourth of July everyone and another Happy Birthday to my dad!


Talk to me:

What health and beauty item is a staple in your beauty regimen?


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