From Firehouse to Five Star Review

Hello everyone! I hope you all had as great of a weekend as I did. How is your summer going so far?? I enjoy taking the time to do outdoor activities, spend time with friends and family, and even try new restaurants. Last week for my dad’s birthday my family and I went to a new restaurant downtown called Tappo located at 338 Ellicott Street.

This is Buffalo’s well known chef Mike Andrezejewski’s fourth restaurant and he again is taking this dining experience to a whole new level. Tappo is in a different cuisine unlike his three other restaurants, and this one’s focus is specifically Italian. The restaurant was previously a firehouse and the renovations into an NYC-style restaurant is complete with beautiful wooden floors and deep red decor. We were unable to sit upstairs due to a private party, but during regular dining hours there is a rooftop patio for customers to look out over the beautiful city. There was great service and the staff was attentive and well trained.


View towards the front entrance of the bar area

Picture courtesy of reviews

Picture courtesy of reviews

When it came time to order we needed help with some of the names on the menu. Our waiter was very knowledgable about the Italian cuisines and friendly, joking with my brother about the size and appetite one must have to take on the Meatball Bomber.


My whole family was pleased with the dishes and my Chicken Saltimbocca (literally means “jumps in the mouth”) was exceptional. It had seasoned boneless chicken breasts topped with prosciutto and mozzarella cheese in a white wine sauce with bits of zucchini on the side. After appetizers and entrées we were too stuffed to have dessert, but I will definitely be back to try some of that peanut butter crunch (who does not love peanut butter?!). Here are some pictures to feed your dish envy..

I began with wedding soup

I began with a scrumptious wedding soup.

Being the salad fan that I am, my mom let me try her and it was quite tasty!

Being the salad fan that I am, my mom let me try her Panzanella Salad and it was quite tasty!

My family and I shared a side of meatballs.

My family and I shared a side of meatballs.

Chicken Saltimbocca!

The delectable Chicken Saltimbocca!

What I like about the restaurant was that it was very affordable, but had an upper class clientele and sophisticated feel. It is definitely a place for young couples, groups of friends, or small parties to get together and have a bite to eat. After my review, I give this fine-dining experience five stars!


Momma and I after dinner

Any recommendations? I would say that it may be nice to add little descriptions of what each dish is or add some pictures for customers to better understand what is on the menu. Unless you are familiar with most Italian dishes it does take some time and exchange with the waiter about what to order.


Towards the end of our dinner the owner, Mike Andrezejewski, had stopped over at the table to see how our dinner experience had been and we told him we were very pleased. We had asked him how he has time to visit the restaurants and still find time for himself. Mike’s answer was that he has great people that work for him and help run each restaurant. It was a wonderful dining experience to end my dad’s birthday.


So where do you plan on going to dine on your next night out on the town? Why not try Tappo?

Do you have any favorite restaurants in the city of Buffalo that I must try? I am always looking for new or unfamiliar “gems” in the city to try so please let me know!

Here is a quote to leave you with on this Tuesday morning..



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