When life gives you lemons, cut orange slices….

When life gives you lemons, cut orange slices…

Busy, busy, busy! That is how my summer has been, and to think that I have less than a month before orientation starts for the incoming freshman only raises my anxiety (a little)! I thought summer was supposed to be a time to relax, unwind, hit the beach, and hang out with friends..basically days and days of sun and being a bum. But I also feel that summer is my time to do everything I can never fit in during the school year—earn money, read, watch movies, make things, cook, spend lots of time with family, etc…

As I have come to known these past few summers coming out of high school and into college, lounging around all summer is not the way it works. The real world is coming, and being half way through college—it’s coming quick! This summer I have filled my time to the MAX and while in summers past my to-do list has been manageable, this summer I am struggling to fit everything I need to get done in. So the huge list up above is what I am doing, plus moving into a new apartment for school, preparing a presentation for orientation, and day to day life events. Now, it is also my decision as to what things I put on my plate for workload, but I guess I find myself juggling more than I can handle. I am by no means complaining, I just need to find some way to get all of this done without being overwhelmed.

I guess I have been given lemons to be exact; this summer has given me many lemons to juggle. Why lemons you ask?– Lemons are bright yellow, a citrus fruit, and used for many purposes. But in reality, once the acid juice meets the taste buds lemons are not as sweet as they may appear. The saying goes, “when life gives you lemons make lemonade”…but with all the lemons I have been given to juggle wouldn’t that just give me a large pitcher of lemonade?? So even in liquid form it is still a copious amount!


Courtesy of Google Images

What to do, what to do! Well, instead I have decided to cut orange slices. Orange slices you may wonder?….yes! Oranges are sweet and tangy, filled with vitamin C and are always cut into perfect- portion slices on fresh fruit platters. Instead of trying to take on all these lemons I am dealing with I have decided to cut them into orange slices.


Mmmmm..fruit! Manageable orange slices 🙂

One by one I am going to break down the tasks I have into parts and tackle them that way. My dad always tells me when I am overwhelmed to take things “one day at a time” and I have decided to tackle my lemons one slice at a time. I think when big tasks are broken down into pieces they are more manageable. The end result is more attainable when separated step by step (slice by slice). And as the orange (lemon) slices are eaten one by one, you feel accomplished and motivated to keep going to finish the whole lemon.


Post-Its come in handy when I have a lot to do!

So my advice to you lemon jugglers this summer…cut orange slices 😉

Let’s connect–

How are you spending your summer?

What tasks have you found overwhelming and how have you tackled them?

Happy slicing,


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