My Truth About Running

The My Truth About Running….

I was not a natural born runner, my parents were. Growing up in a house where fitness is a big part of your lifestyle it has been hard to find something like running to be enjoyable. Not to mention as a dancer and always being on my toes, it was always hard for me to get the heel-ball-toe movement when trying to take strides in my sneakers. So what did I go to you ask?? walking..FAST WALKING! I am the fastest walker in the family, and that has translated into all other aspects of my life for years. For example, when walking to class people are always struggling to keep up..not to mention I’m gabbing as fast as I’m walking so either way the person is doomed.

Within this past year and a half, I have grown into running—or maybe running has grown on me? Yes, either way we are now good friends. I do not remember why I started to really improve my running (ability), but this summer I am taking my miles to a level I thought was not in my genes. I do remember that it took slow growth- one mile, one and a half, two, etc..and now I work to see how far I can go. Wait! Let’s rephrase that—I actually no longer track my distance, I track my routes. Did I mention- I LOVE TO RUN OUTSIDE?!!??! I first began on the treadmill at the gym and now I find it boring to be running in place. Now, instead of tracking my distance I track my routes. Like a puzzle, I ask myself if I can run into the village, down this street and back to somehow wind my way home. And yes I always find a way, and explore new routes. It becomes fun and enjoyable running outside in the beautiful summer sun engrossed in nature and beautiful neighborhoods that I lack to glance at when driving by due to my hurried life to get somewhere.


Photo I took on my run, but not actually while running 🙂

That is the other thing about running, I am in no hurry! I actually brain storm when I am on my run and reflect on my day ahead and what I need to do. It is a stress reliever and great exercise at the same time. I no longer am as tired as I was a few years ago after running for two minutes. Now I look at my watch and an hour has passed and I wonder where the time went. I’ve proven to myself that I was wrong growing up thinking that I could not do what seemed to be so effortless to everyone else in the family, it was just something I needed to work at.


And guess what?! I am doing it and now finding that I need it in my daily life. So far the only set back has been shin splints that I get here and there, which I think is due to my form (still struggle with the heel-ball-toe). My Pilates instructor showed me some ways to strengthen that part of my leg because it is not as flexible as my calves are, so when I run a pull occurs. Other than that, all is good and I cannot wait to map out some routes when I get to school to explore the beauty of the city.

Running has taught me that although I may find things difficult in life when first encountering them, if I work hard enough I can achieve them anything. So believe in yourself, and prove yourself wrong!


Oh, and don’t forget to smile! 🙂
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