Fashion Friday- Summer Sales, SaLeS, SALES

What I love about style and fashion is that they are unique to each person. Being fashionable is going with the trend, but being stylish is an outward expression of how you see yourself. As we know fashion and style come in waves, but what goes out must always comes back in. Many people spend a good chunk of their budget on clothing and when sales come along, they can be a big help to save some of that cash.

Just as August 1st is arriving, so are the pieces for Fall fashion and Halloween candy in Wegmans (our local grocery store). What am I going to see at the end of this month, Christmas stuff?? In my opinion, this is just toooooo soon! But I’m getting off topic..back to the story…

Whenever I go to the mall looking for something in particular, I can never seem to find it. Does that happen to you? It is when I am just grazing the racks or have hardly any money to spend that I suddenly want to purchase the whole store. 🙂 Well, last week I was on a mission to find a dress for a lunch I had this week. I looked all throughout the stores and either the sizes were too big or nothing seemed to fit the dress code I was looking for. I knew this was going to be multiple mall visit and I just couldn’t stand the anxiety of finding the right dress. As I was on my way out after looking at over 6 stores, I passed The Limited which had huge red Sale signs all over the front windows. I walked in and a woman greeted me telling me that everything in the store was 50% off. I immediately went to the dress rack and found something (pure luck) for $24.99, already marked down from $90–that read “Final Sale.”


I tried it on and it fit well. Not to mention that at the time I did not yet have a shirt dress in my wardrobe or anything that was as bright orange as that new piece. I went to the counter to ask if the dress price fell into the 50% off although it was final sale and the woman who had greeted me told me yes. All I could think was “Score!!” $13 not bad! But something was still holding me back about the final sale, what if I changed my mind?? What if I went home and hated the dress? I would not be able to return in and my so called deal, would really be a waste of $13. I tried it on one more time and now that I look back I think I was more shocked over the price than the final sale–I just couldn’t believe it was such a great deal and I could have it! I went up to the counter and said “I’ll take it!” As I walked out of the mall, I felt relieved that I found a dress and that I spent less that $15 too (insert happy dance) 🙂



This is the time that the Summer clothes are on their way out and Fall lines are coming in, so it is important to take the time now and look for deals rather than later when things will be more expensive at full price. I promise you that with the patience to scan the racks and trying things on, you will be successful.

Right now Urban Outfitters is having a Goodbye Summer Sale!


Stores such as The Limited and New York and Company are having BOGOS!


Do not forget to hit up some of my favorite stores that are always having good deals– TJ Maxx and Marshalls.


Courtesy of Google Images

One of my friends from Distinguished Young Women shared this site with me called Stitch Fix. You pay $20 to have stylists pick 5 pieces to send to you. You can send back whatever you do not like and that $20 goes towards the purchase of what you want. I plan on trying it out within these next few weeks.

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 11.43.27 PM

Let’s talk–

For next week’s Fashion Friday post I need YOUR HELP! I am going to go shopping for an outfit on a budget and I need your help to pick out what store and how much I am going to spend. So here are your choices…

$15 Forever 21

$30 Express

$50 Lord and Taylor

Oh and I can use 1-2 pieces from things I already have in my own wardrobe. Please comment below with your choices and I will announce the winner on Sunday!

Happy Sale Shopping!

XO, Gabi

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