All In A Day’s Eats

Is it really Wednesday?? Already?? This week is flying by and as the end of summer approaches time seems to be going quickly too. In all honesty I am not ready. But do I have a choice? Anybody have a solution on how to make up lost time?? (cricket cricket) …I didn’t think so. Time is something that seems to escape everyone. Well because the pressure is on to finish all that I need to do before Orientation starts next week at school I am going to take you through a typical day of my eats. This is something I have not done yet because I usually post a bunch of photos from each meal I had throughout the week or write about a theme (cereal last week :)). Let’s dive right in….

THIS is WIAW #7! Click here for more details on WIAW is all about–celebrating the fact that we all love to eat! As always, shout out to Jenn for hosting!




Not cereal? I know! I decided to switch it up with some delicious egg scramble.



This is one mountain of a chicken salad!

[veggies, lettuce, chickpeas, pickles, onions, olives, and shredded Fontinella cheese with Italian dressing]

Post-run Snack





Meatloaf (not many people like, but I swear my mom’s recipe is the best!), sweet pickles, wild rice, and zucchini toss salad.


NOTICE: I have a tendency to make dessert and then devour it on the spot, so there is no picture.

[let your imagination insert a mean bowl of peanut butter sunday ice cream–good thing I went for a run right?? haha- sweets are my weakness]

Has anyone caught the sky lately before sunset?


No filter on this beautiful picture!

Coming up….

  • Posting about my summer goals! Woot!
  • Another Fashion Friday- this time a Marshalls adventure 🙂
  • Room reveal in my new house at school–supper stoked!

In other news I have sent out my package for Pantene Beautiful Lengths! Did you read the post about my hair donation? Click here.

ImageLet’s talk–

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As always you can click the WIAW Category on the right hand sidebar to explore some of my previous WIAW posts!


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