Goal #5 Tackling the Clothes Overload

Does anyone else feel like they have nothing to wear, but yet look and find a closet full of clothes? That was how I felt at the beginning of the summer. When bringing home my clothes from the dorm my closet and drawers were overflowing, but yet all I kept going back to was the same rotation of items from my closet. So, one of my goals this summer was to clean out my room.

Slowly each week I went through my closet and drawers to weed out the items I did not want because I no longer wore them. I actually kept a lot more than I thought because all it took was some organizing rather than my usual approach of throwing things in random places. When I did a clean sweep through my closet I had found shirts, skirts, dresses, scarves and even purses that to be honest…I forgot about. Those items simply fell to the back of the closet as I kept buying more and more “stuff.” Now my closet and drawers are orderly and many items are for lack of a better word–recycled. I also came away with two bags to give to St. Vincent DePaul of clothes I no longer want.


I feel like I have somewhat of a new wardrobe for this fall because I have not worn some items for a while because they simply got “lost in the closet.” In addition, I did take a quick trip to Marshalls to pick up a few new things that I knew my wardrobe was lacking, like colored jeans and some casual tops.


I even found a dress to match some shoes I already had at home for less that $25. All I have to do is add some jewelry and wah lah–a perfect night out 🙂



For those of you who stare at your closet in the morning and think to yourself, “I have nothing to wear.” Try going through and see how much you actually wear. Donate the clothes you do not wear, or do not want anymore. Your life will have less clutter and you will be less stressed in the morning when searing for something to wear. I am going to be trying a new thing as well as I wear each piece from my closet. Once I wear something I will turn the hanger backwards and when I have worn everything, I will start again. If any piece is facing the same way as before and I do not want to wear it, I am going to give it away. That way my closet will not have a build up of clothes again.

Let’s talk–

Did you achieve some summer goals you set for yourself? Share them with me!

There is more to come next week about my other summer goals.

Time for a quote on this Friday morning…


XO, Gabi

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