A Saturday of Odds and Ends

As humans, we have a natural tendency to like things complete and prefer even numbers. I can attest to staying up late when I am on a roll with a project or essay because I want them to be done! OR when I am watching a movie and it gets soo good that I need to know the ending…I cannot wait and have my brain wander in thought about what is going to happen. When I am in that state of mind, I am not moving until the movie ENDS! Can anyone relate?

The title of this post describes my day exactly. It is one of finishing things off and taking care of different tasks around the house. First, it was my last day of work for the summer before leaving for orientation training. This summer went by so fast and saying goodbye to new and old friends is hard, but I know a great semester awaits. Part of me does not want summer to end and another part of me wants to dive right into my new classes and clubs. Does it make me a nerd to have such thirst for knowledge about topics I have no clue about??? I enjoy learning new things and each semester gives me an opportunity to learn about another topic that goes along with my major.


Besides ending work, I was also able to finish up my latest show– “Orange Is The New Black.” I highly recommend it. I saw a review for it on Good Morning America a few weeks ago and have been hooked ever since. Now, I want to read the book and compare the two. “Orange Is The New Black” is a new show on Netflix and is by the same write and producer of “Weeds,” Jenji Kohan. The main character, Piper Chapman, is a newly engaged New Yorker who is charged with 15 months in prison for a crime that she committed in years past with her drug-dealing girlfriend.


Courtesy of Google Images

I also got some packing in today of shoes, belts, scarves, all the “odds” of the wardrobe to move to school, edited some video for an orientation presentation, and made some dessert after dinner. This dark chocolate avocado truffle recipe is one that I found this past WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) from Christine. Click here to see the recipe. Here is a picture of how mine turned out…


These truffles are quite delicious and easy to make—did I mention there is avocado in those truffles AND dark chocolate! If only there was a button on the keyboard to get what you see in the picture right in front of you. 😉

I have also been getting questions about my hair donation that occurred this past week. I have put up some of the most common questions I have been getting with my answers. Please feel free to ask me anything about where and how to donate if you are interested.


Do you need to go to a special salon?

Nope. I just called ahead explaining what I was going to be doing when I came in for my haircut and brought a fresh hair tie, ruler, and Ziplock bag to place my hair in once it was cut. Make sure you wash your hair before arriving to the salon because it will be cut in the beginning. Afterward, the stylist will wash and shape your hair to your liking.

Do you have to donate 10 inches?

Most charities have a minimum requirement of 10 inches while others have 8, it just depends on how much hair you would like to donate.

Can your hair be dyed?

No, you cannot donate your hair if it is dyed, has had any chemical treatments done to it, or been bleached.

Hope these answers have helped! Now off to enjoy some tea and more truffles. 🙂


XO, Gabi

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