Orientation Training- Day 1

As much as I love summer, coming back to school and seeing all my friends is one of the best things to start off the school year. I do not know if I have said this before, but my college is one big family and coming back on campus and being a part of a school I love gets me eager for the semester.

The day began with a run down of expectations for orientation, a few ice breakers, and then a fellow OL and I made a presentation about our roles as orientation leaders. The presentation consisted of introducing an acronym called ‘SMILE’ and a video encouraging the OLs to be the leaders that they are. I had shown a video I worked on last week with a family I babysit, but am unable to post it due to privacy reasons. Just believe me when I say that it came out great and working with the kids and teaching them how to use a video camera was quite rewarding. When we were all done shooting I sat back and supervised as they began to make movies all by themselves. These kids are quite hilarious too 🙂


Picture shot from the video

The title of the presentation was, The Role of an Orientation Leader: Multiple Perspectives. What an orientation leader does is seen by lots of people-the students, parents, faculty, and even fellow OLs. Each of the sections in the presentation hit on all of those view points. We as Orientation Leaders are individually only one person, but what we say and do is seen by so many that inevitably we fall victim to the “fishbowl effect.”


The day was filled with more presentations, ice-breakers, lunch, a video shoot, stuffing folders for next week when the freshmen come, and a rehearsal for our opening number for Karaoke when the freshmen come. Details to come later on that…but it is looking great so far 🙂


[Day 1 was on a Wednesday I of course, so I have to have a little celebration of delicious food]

My highlight of the day was Camp C that took place after dinner. It was the OLs vs. the RAs in relay races, food contests, and trivia games. My first event was finding oreo’s with my mouth while my face was in a pile of whip creme and placing them into a cup. It was sooo much fun! Here is the after picture of our team’s success haha! The other event was a relay where team members stood in a line at a cone and one by one got dressed in specific clothes, ran to the other cone, undressed and stuffed the clothes into the bag, and ran back. I was shouting and cheering on my team the whole time and my heart was racing. It was so much fun! Not only was it a nice break from all the presentations for the day, but it also taught us how important it is going to be to rely on our fellow OLs these next few weeks and that sometimes you are going to be thrown into situations outside of your comfort zone and need to deal with them.


The contest was a success for the OLs–woop!


And then the plate hit my face..

As many of you know, I LOVE quotes. There is something about them that I cannot explain, but basically they strike up an important thought, idea, or emotion  that I have that connects me to them. We had a presentation today by Campus Ministry and during the reflection period of breaking off into groups and discussing the Jesuit values, I came across this quote..

”Do small things, with great love.” ~Mother Theresa


I think I live this out my own way each and every day. This applies perfectly to orientation. As leaders we are going to be helping the freshmen next week with registration, information on the college and resources, transition into a new environment, and even give them advice and the ins and outs of the campus. Each of those small tasks are done to have a great outcome of bettering their experience here at college. We take on this job as orientation leaders out of love for our school, opportunity to grow, and passion for learning.

Cheers to a stellar first day! We have so much to be thankful for in life.

XO, Gabi

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