Day 1, Junior Year….

And so the school year begins..

It feels like I have not blogged in forever, and that is so true! Orientation training became CRAZY and time spent with the freshmen became even crazier in these past two weeks. Although I could not keep up with writing about it, I can tell you it was an experience unlike any other. Last year was my first time being an OL and this year I had no second thoughts about applying again. Yes, it is true that you are always on the go, lose lots of sleep, and are even more excited and off the walls (even more so than the freshmen) about coming to college. BUT I get to do it for a school I love with people I love and I would not trade it for anything. It was a great summer that began with my Canisius family on a trip to the Philipppines and ended with my Canisius family welcoming others to the place I have come to know as my second home. 🙂


My OL Canisius Family!

No matter how old I get, whether I am 12 or 20 I will always be excited for the first day of school! Junior year is finally here, and I am an upperclassman whoop! (feeling a little old :/)


My roommates and I won some groceries at grocery bingo tonight!

First day back instagram picture!

First day back instagram picture!

This semester is looking bright! So far my schedule allows me to have the flexibility I need to get all my running around in and being involved with clubs on campus. I got to begin my morning with a 6:30am run (we will see how long that lasts) and spend some time reading and getting ready. I walked in and sat down in the wrong classroom at first for my first class of the day. When the professor walked in and stated that the class was about Criminal Justice ethics, I quickly darted for the door. I got the room numbers mixed up and luckily just had to go across the hall, barely making it before class began. Whew! At that point I did not know how the day was going to turn out. To spoil the ending…the rest went smoothly. 🙂

I am so excited for what this year has in store for the campus news station I help run, GriffinTV, and to see my major soar after switching and getting my feet wet last year. To think two years ago I came into college as a Biology/Pre-medicine major, and now I am a Communications Studies major with a dance minor! I cannot help, but smile and think about how great it feels to let life run its course rather than having a plan. I have a type A personality and for the past two year was quite worried about not knowing exactly what interested me or what I wanted to do in life. I had my heart set on being a Pediatrician and at the beginning of last year, that all changed and I felt like I did not know where I was headed. Sometimes it takes time to explore your interests and yourself. The process about discovering who you are is continuous. I find myself happy and excited for what this semester has in store, simply letting life run its course, rather than trying to control my life.


One of my other favorite things about new beginnings is the ability to meet new people. I am one “gabby Gabi” get it? haha..! I enjoy meeting and talking with other people about their interests and exchanging conversations. This past week I have made so many new friends during orientation, especially my freshmen group. I became closer with my fellow OLs, and today I met so many new people in my classes! The world is a huge place, but having a personal relationship with those right around you makes it a bit smaller, more comfortable place to be.


Words on a door in our OL central that describe all of us. I admire all of these qualities and would love to acquire each one.

The high of being back at school is still strong and the overtired state of mind will lessen as this week goes on.

So, cheers to a great summer and to the beginning of a new school year!

Let’s talk–

Are you in college or high school? How was your first day back?

Do you remember your college orientation or have you ever been an orientation leader? Share your favorite moment!

Gabi, XO

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  1. Best of luck as your junior year begins.. Sounds like you are destined for some great things ahead!

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