Questioning Our Virtual Reality {A Different Perception}

Reality- what we believe to be existent... Each and every person has a different perception of reality. 

This week I have heard many accounts that ask us to consider our reality. Things right in front of us may not be as they appear, people can be something they truly are not, and even society, the experts we look to for confirmation, are they hiding something from us??

Questioning reality and its appearance is quite a broad topic that can have many focuses, and this post’s focus is specifically on social media. Yes, social media and the reality it “creates” for us.

When social media was on the rise I was not quick to jump on the band wagon, but over time due to popularity I have become pretty savvy and do quite enjoy it.

Social media has a  lot of positives such as being an easy form of expression, everyone has a voice, there is greater communication in the world, and there is no longer suppression of specific and important issues because the world has the ability to get the word out and fast! (just to name a few) But today I want to focus on a negative…and I want you to think of this question–Has this “virtual reality” become its own world of society’s approval?!

I think YES! Our reality has often been about getting approval for who we are. Years ago it was magazines that showed society what people should look like, be eating, be doing etc.. Now, social media has become a form of that approval of who we are. How many friends do we have on Facebook? How many followers do we have on Twitter? Who favorites our tweets or likes our Facebook photos? What are people commenting? Or how many likes are we getting for our pictures on INSTAGRAM? (the approval of ourselves the image) Why are all of those measurements of accepting who we are? Why do we need approval of others in order to love who we are? And be happy with who we are? WE DON’T NEED IT…but we let it happen, and it does…


I catch sharing of posts about heartwarming stories and tweets about current issues and pictures about the beauty in life.. and I love all of those things. I’m not saying approval is all that social media is, I’m just shedding light on one aspect of it.

In my year in review for 2013 blog post I talked about how this year, 2014, I am really going to try and focus on the present; to be “in the moment” more rather than worrying and always jumping towards the future. Well, I came across this video on Facebook, (oddly enough with this topic haha), and it brings the concerns of not being in the present moment and social media together. When you see what we as humans look like with our phones from a different angle, it begins to sink in…and guess what?? Even I am guilty of it. Here’s the link to see it for yourself.


So am I saying that we don’t live in the present moment and that individuals in society look to get approval of who they are in this popular “virtual reality”? Rather, I am proposing a view of reality from a different perspective; something one may view about the world we live in..

Let’s talk–

What are your thoughts?

Have we become a society that is too focused on getting approval of who we are from others?

Are often too concerned with other things to miss the authentic moments of the “present”?

 To leave you with a few quotes for the day…




Stay warm in this blizzard! XOXO, Gabi

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