The Treadmill Sweat

Checking in this week 🙂 Classes are going well, my schedule is packed but manageable, and food prepping that I did this past weekend is appearing to be pretty time saving.

Image[Prepping some quinoa fruit bars here]

Boy oh boy am I craving a long run outside. Due to these sub zero temps, I am stuck to bring my workouts inside. Running on the treadmill is (as a fellow blogger/friend/runner Kaila @Healthy Helper put it) “mentally exhausting” when trying to run long distances. Yesterday I hit the gym with a new treadmill workout that I want to share with you all. It will make you SWEAT!


Afterwards I did some dumbbell exercises for my upper body (working on my upper body strength) and ended with the infamous plank. I’m working on inching my time up each day!


I am always looking for new workouts for my arms and this one I came across on twitter. It is by one of the FitFluential Ambassadors, Glenneth of Let’s Talk and Walk. Check out her blog–> here. Thanks for sharing, Glenneth!


Now for the treadmill sweat!


I like to take my pace down slowly at the end because my heart rate is so elevated.

So if you need to get a good, quick sweat in this week in-between a hectic schedule, I recommend you try this treadmill workout. 🙂

What is coming up on the blog…

– A post on body language

-Details on how my food preparation performed for me this week–>the good, the bad, and the lessons learned

-A review on some of my favorite Christmas gifts (now that it has been a good month since receiving them)

Let’s Talk–

What is your go-to workout with these cold temperatures?!

Do you have any favorite upper body strengthening exercises or workout that you love? Please share!

Happy Thursday! 🙂

XOXO, Gabi

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