WNY Women’s Fund Pathways To Progress Speaker Series {Senator Kirsten Gillibrand}

It is finally FRIDAY! Although it was a short week, it sure felt like a full one! I have a very important post to share with all of you readers today…

A week ago today I was graced with the opportunity to see Senator Gillibrand speak at the WNY Women’s Foundation Pathways to Progress Speaker Series.

ImageThe WNY Women’s Foundation’s mission is to remove roadblocks and provide opportunities to enable women and girls to become self-sufficient.


I had the pleasure of being at one of the WNY Women’s Foundation’s events last year in discussing women’s role of leaning in and overcoming obstacles in today’s society. Lean In is a nonprofit organization created by COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, that has created a strong movement of encouraging women of all ages to achieve their ambitions. Sheryl has written a fabulous book, and I highly recommend you read it! 😉 Click here for details!

Last Friday Senator Gillibrand introduced her Opportunity Plan to empower women in the workplace, which includes 5 points:

Paid Family and Medical Leave

Increase the Minimum Wage

Quality Affordable Child Care

Universal Pre-K

Equal Pay for Equal Work


She informed the crowd that women earn 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. This is even less for women of color. In 1960, 11% of women were breadwinners, and now that number is up to 40%.

Although, I find myself have some questions and am wondering about the negative consequences of her plan, specifically the plan for the minimum wage increase to be $10.10 an hour. Where exactly is that money going to come from and from who’s pocket? And won’t this cause the cost of goods to increase? OR how much will then be coming out of paychecks? But without getting into any debate…., I do agree that women are key.

I believe it is the conversation that allows for the opportunity of change to come along. Empowering women is important, especially in the workplace. When women have access to job opportunities, they are able to make their own decisions and their relationships with others and their families change. When women are seen as valuable and can get jobs, the view of them in society changes. Independent women who earn money are respected. Income is related to power, and it is important for women to be empowered in our world today.


Finally, a huge congratulations to the WNY Women’s Foundation’s new executive director, Sheri Scavone. Best of luck to you on this new and bright journey! 🙂


“Empowering women in the workplace is the key to growing the economy & building an American middle class that can thrive in the 21st century. By passing the Opportunity Plan, Congress would give women in the workplace the tools and opportunities in fulfilling their economic potential, so they can remain in the workforce, contribute to their families’ financial security, and thrive in our 21st century economy.” Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Let’s Talk-

Click here for the Buffalo News’ report on the event!

Looking to find out more about Senator Gillibrand’s Opportunity Plan? Visit http://offthesidelines.org

Looking to find out more about the WNY Women’s Foundation? Visit http://www.wnywomensfoundation.org

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Happy Friday,


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