Food Preparation Week One Review and Delicious Recipes

Whew! Hi readers, how is everyone?! What a busy, but successful week I had! Last weekend I got the idea and decided to try food preparation for my meals for the week. I did it to save time prepping meals during the week, so last weekend I spent one day looking up recipes and shopping for ingredients, and the next making some snacks and portions for meals. I made hard boiled eggs, salmon salad, meatloaf, frozen yogurt bites, quinoa fruit bars, and french toast bake for my housemates and I Tuesday morning for breakfast. This upcoming week’s WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) will include last week’s meals with the items I prepped. So check back this week!


Okay..So now the review. I have a confession to make….I eat A LOT! I eat about three times the amount an average person eats in a day probably. I think appetite has a lot to do with lifestyle and physical activity level, but at the same time being in an active household it too seems to be just me..haha. Whenever I come home my parents never fail to comment how high the grocery bill is or how fast we go through food, and they know it’s me because when I am gone they talk about how slowly food disappears from the fridge. So my sister calls me a freak, but I guess I am really just a human vacuum.

The good– When I was done prepping all of the food for this past week I thought to myself, “Wow, this is a lot of food!” Seeing all of the food prepped for the week at once is a bit overwhelming. But guess what?! I ate it all! I was fully prepared and even had a bit of left over quinoa bars. I also got to add quite a few recipes to my list of things to make. I love trying new recipes and I love spending time in the kitchen 🙂 I even love to make things for others! I made my housemates some french toast bake on Tuesday morning for breakfast and they loved it! I got the recipe from Morganne over at Nut Butter Runner. Thanks for the recipe Morganne, the girls and I had a wonderful treat.



The bad– The only downside is taking the time to pick out meals, going to buy the specified items at the store, and making all the food. But guess what? That time I spent prepping was the time I saved this week trying to make meals in between my busy schedule. All I had to do was sautĂ© veggies and warm up some toast to have with my salmon salad. So I guess it is not really a downside. It is just setting some time a side to prepare healthy meals ahead of time so you do not fall victim to unhealthy habits during the week. I must also warn that food prepping and having a healthy diet can get expensive. Healthy does not come cheap, so plan accordingly and look for what you can substitute in recipes with items you already have in the house.

Lessons learned– Spend one whole day doing the food prep for the week. I tried to start some the night before and then made three more recipes in the morning on Monday and I just found it to be so much easier to do it all at once. You can be whipping up a salad mix or hard boiling eggs , while certain things are baking in the oven.

I am so happy I tried this at the beginning of the semester because I have all semester to really get it down to a science, while making up meals of my own.

This weekend I tried another baking recipe, baked oatmeal, from Kaila over at Healthy Helper. What I love about this dish is the variety of substitution combos it allows. The recipe called for blueberries and coconuts, but on had I had strawberries and bananas in the fridge, and some blueberry yogurt for the oatmeal (remember what I said earlier about using what you have? ;)). The recipe called for more old fashioned oats, but I put in more steel cut because that is what my family prefers. Well, it turned out delicious! Thanks for the recipe Kaila!


For this week’s food preparation items I decided to get creative and make up some of my own aside from Kaila’s baked oatmeal. I prepped grilled chicken, tuna salad, oatmeal bites, and hard boiled eggs. On hand throughout the week I have health nut mixes, yogurts, fruits, veggies (as sides and for roasting), cold cuts for sandwiches, bars for post workouts, etc…


I think it is going to be another great week! Check back on Wednesday for pictures of some of the meals I am making with the food I am preparing. I may even share some of my experimentation recipes from this weekend!

Let’s Talk–

Do you food prep all of your meals for the week?

What are some things you make every weekend and love to have on hand?

What is your favorite ingredient to put in (almost) all of your recipes? Mine I think would be fruit! (I’m obsessed) 🙂 

Stay smiling,


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  1. Oh my gosh this totally made my morning! Thank you so much for trying it out and sharing!!

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