Food for Thought {Happiness}

Hi everyone! Happy Saturday! This blog post is just about some thoughts I have been having lately. Usually I am one to be exhausted after a long day and hit the pillow, but lately I have been falling asleep with thoughts running through my head in deliberation. So here’s the thought I am sharing with you.. “Do we create our own happiness?

I feel that so many people base their happiness on what happens to them. They base it on the good that comes their way or measure it in the possessions they hold. But what if this measurement was all wrong?? What if happiness is not measured by what we are given, but by what we give?

What I’m saying is…we create our own happiness. It comes from our perspective and is measured subjectively based on the individual. No one can give it to us. Our happiness depends on how we look at our life, it comes from appreciating the things we have and drawing out the blessed moments in each and every day. This means that everyone has the potential to be happy if they are the creators.

So where do you find your happiness? I find mine in the people I see each and every day and things I am doing with my life. There is something inspiring and motivating when making the most out of every situation. Those obstacles that can seem insurmountable in life and like things that can damage our happiness are truly just roadblocks waiting to be overcome. Don’t let those challenges take away your happiness, because you are in control.


 Let’s Talk–

Do you think we create our own happiness?

What makes you happy? Share it with me!

XOXO, Gabi

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