Time to Recharge Our Bodies {because they does so much for us}

I wanted to take the time to start this blog post off by saying THANK YOU! Thank you to all the readers and fellow bloggers who commented or stopped me in passing during the day to tell me about their post workout smoothie recipes. I appreciate all of the advice, tips and tricks, and recipes you all have shared. It feels great to accept help from others at a time when you feel stuck in a rut.


After my morning workout yesterday, a few comments were already in and I decided to make my post workout smoothie based off of some of the tips. Guess what? I think it has been my best yet! Sometimes discovery in the kitchen cannot be done alone. In order to be a success, there needs to be many hands in the process. Thank you for making me realize that something which “to me” should be easy to make, is actually a science and takes a lot of testing and tasting, trial and error. I told my roommates that it can only get better from here, so my taste testers are ready for some better smoothies haha! I will keep you guys posted throughout the week as to how my improvement is going and share with you what I think “a beginner” ought to follow and know. We all have to start somewhere as a beginner. 🙂


[This post workout smoothie has banana, almond milk, chia seeds, and protein powder]

For today’s post I wanted to touch on the importance of recharging. Especially during the school year, I find it is super important to have a balanced schedule. When your body is constantly on the go, you need to take the time to rest and recharge it. Just like we rush to plug in our iPhones before they die or charge our cameras and laptops, we need to take time to recharge our bodies. That means getting a good nights sleep and plenty of down time to make sure our bodies are energized for the demanding activities of the day.


[I love to recharge with Pilates during the weekend]

Now I know I am probably one of the very few who has to get her sleep and goes to bed at grandma times, but it does help! For those of you who cannot get a lot of sleep, or do not need to run on a full nights sleep take the time to recharge in other ways. Spend a half hour relaxing and watching your favorite TV show. Spend an hour at the gym releasing endorphins and getting natural energy. Take five minutes in the morning to prepare your mind for the day, even if that is eating breakfast in silence and looking out the window at the possibility for a great day. There are so many ways to refuel and give your body attention, but it is easy to get caught up in the business of life and forget. So remember to take the time and give your body the attention it needs. Taking the extra time out of your day to refuel will not only help you feel better, but also help you perform better in all of your daily activities. We should give back and take time for our bodies because they do so much for us. 🙂

Let’s Talk–

Our bodies are important. Do you take the time out of your day to “recharge”? If so, what do you do?

XOXO, Gabi

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One Response to Time to Recharge Our Bodies {because they does so much for us}

  1. Great post! Recharging is so, so important, and something we so often forget about!

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