The Truth About Turning 21

I am unlike any other 21 year old I know…

SERIOUSLY! Yesterday was my 21st birthday, and unlike most, I have not been feeling the best about turning 21. Most 20 year olds cannot wait to be 21, but I was upset and felt like my birthday was slipping up on me, and I did not want it to come.

The truth is when I turned 18 I was excited because I was finally “somewhat” considered an adult, but I was still considered a kid. 21, you are an adult. I was overwhelmed in thinking about the world of responsibility truly hitting me, the stress in really figuring out what I want to do for a career in my life, and personally….the fact that since I was getting older, everything else around me was too- the people, the places, the memories..and I do not want any of those to ever leave.

I see my siblings and I do our own things more and more, my friends and I getting together to catch up less and less, and it becomes harder and harder when we get caught up in our own lives to find some common ground.

If anything, yesterday, the day I was dreading proved what I was feeling all wrong. It was yesterday that all of the people I have encountered in my life reached out to wish me a wonderful 21st birthday.


[My surprise dessert!]

If I could tell everyone how important they are to me and how much I love that they are in my life I would. So here is the thank you to everyone! THANK YOU so so so much to everyone for the phone calls, the texts, the Facebook and Twitter name it! It is days like yesterday that I realized although life can get caught in between all of us, it is also something to celebrate and something that brings us all together.

So let others know in your life, old friends, family members you have not seen in weeks, you name it…let them know how important they are to you!!



I am so blessed to have wonderful friends and family in my life and I cannot thank everyone enough for making me feel like 21 is not the beginning of feeling old. My dad gave me some good advice, “never think you are older than you are.” He told me it is never too late too change your career, and never too late to do something you want in life because you always have a lot more time than you think. I should not think that by this age I have to have my dream job, and by this age be married…because then I would be letting my life run me.


[My beautiful and blessed family]

I realized—YOU must be in control of your own life…and live for the journey, not the destination.


[My mom and I spent the morning at our usual Pilates class]

Finally, I am so lucky to share my birthday with my mother! She is an amazing woman and the fact that we were both born on March 16th is something super special! I always use that as one of my fun facts when first getting to meet others. 🙂


[The birthday girls at dinner]

I am still unlike any 21 year I know…

It is that exact fact that helps me embrace who I am and live life to the fullest each day. I am excited to see what this year has in store and please know that I will be reaching out to all of those in some way who have been a part of my life.



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2 Responses to The Truth About Turning 21

  1. I love this message Gabi! It’s wonderful that you realized your birthday is a time to recognize how much you are loved!

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