WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) #18 {Sweat Pink MyOatmeal Review}

Well, Spring break is here for me this week so all of the days kind of mash together. How can I forget Wednesday though? Last week I was so sick that I just could not post anything about food because truly, I was not in the mood for anything I usually make myself. I had cravings for food outside of my usual diet like grilled cheese and tomato soup, and pretzels (just some of the many). So this week I am feeling MUCH better and just getting off of a birthday weekend. I had an amazing 21st birthday this past Sunday and thank you again to all of those who made it special, because as many of you know I was not so happy leading up to the weekend.

How are all of you doing?? Spring is just around the corner and I have been feeling some inspiration for posts lately with the beautiful sunshine these past few days.


First up though before we get to the food party is a recent review I did for my Sweat Pink Ambassador Program. I reviewed a product of my choice from My Oatmeal.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 8.58.58 AM


Our mission at MyOatmeal.com is simple.
We want to help our community and my fellow man. we will do this by donating gourmet oatmeal to various organizations that aid in natural disaster recovery.
We will also donate healthy oatmeal to non profit groups that make it their business to improve the lives of the people in their communities.
We will make it our priority to seek out, and support those groups and individuals that value family, community, our country our planet and our future by whatever means we have at our disposal via the MyOatmeal.com company.
Our mission is to make the world better, and encourage others to do the same.
One bag of healthy oatmeal at a time.

My Oatmeal allows customers to choose a popular oatmeal blend or build their own blend of oatmeal where visitors are able to choose their type of oats, flavoring, nuts and seeds, sweetness and even create their own name!!


As may of you know, I am a devotee of all things peanut butter and when I was given this opportunity, I had to try out the My Oatmeal PB Lean product. PB Lean is a dehydrated peanut butter. Just like the oatmeal blends you can add a variety of nuts, flavors, fruits, and sweetness. The blend I created included cashews mixed with Chocolate Hazelnut and Dulce de Leche flavoring and figs! As for the name, Cashelate. Get it, like Chocolate?? 🙂


My favorite part was receiving it in the mail and coming up with ways to add it to my food. I just got the product last week and once I had my appetite back after being sick I was adding it to almost EVERYTHING I ate daily. I mixed it in my yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, and even found myself spooning it out of the bag. Sorry my favorite jar of chunky peanut butter, I know that was our thing…;)





I am still testing out the product and cannot wait to add it to my protein shakes after workouts and even to some recipes I make like my bars or even muffins! With this product, you can add it to almost anything you can think of–edible of course!

The hardest part I had was picking from the many choices on MyOatmeal.com because I was not very sure which flavors would go well together or what I would necessary like. So if you like to mix and match amongst a lot of choices, you can do that, or if you want to go with a more traditional blend, choose from the popular blends.

Thank you so much Anthony, Kathy, and Fit Approach for giving me this opportunity.

Now…let’s WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) Party! Thanks Jenn for hosting!!



[Bagel thins with scrambled eggs, fruit, and nuts]


[Chex with nannerz, walnuts, chocolate whey protein powder, and almond milk]


[Chex with assorted fruit, cashews, almond milk, and chocolate whey protein powder]


[English muffin topped with PB, yogurt with nuts and flaxseed, and a sliced apple]


[Snack plate- nut mix, cheese, crackers, cashew energy bites (recipe here)]


[Pre-run apple, almonds, and cashews]

fruit attack

[Fruit attack part 1, with part 2 yogurt ambush :)]


[Sautéed veggies with chicken and rice]


[Loaded salad bowl with lettuce, veggies, cranberries, and italian dressing]


[My mother’s delicious homemade chili]


[Baked chicken with tomato and cheese over top with broccoli]


[Birthday dinner this past Sunday was a plate of DELICIOUS salmon with rice & veggies]

Wed-nes-day-spiration for you all 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.49.07 PM

Let’s Talk–

Thinking of trying out a MyOatmeal creation? What ingredients would you include?

What is one meal that you enjoy making every week?

Want to find out more? Head to Peas and Crayons to check out how others are celebrating this What I Ate Wednesday!

As always you can click the WIAW Category on the right hand sidebar to explore some of my previous WIAW posts!

Don’t forget to smile!

XOXO, Gabi

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4 Responses to WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) #18 {Sweat Pink MyOatmeal Review}

  1. ranchcookie says:

    That nut butter sounds so good! I might have to get my hands on some to try! Thanks for reviewing it for us!

    • gabiwalter says:

      You are very welcome! It is quite scrumptious and what I love about My Oatmeal is that there is so much room for customer creativity in their own delicious creations. 🙂

  2. jillconyers says:

    I put nut butter on practically anything! I love oatmeal and so wanted to be a part of this campaign. Maybe next time.

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