Decisions {Musing On Life}

Decisions–they are something we make every day that will affect how our future plays out. Do I want to wear this or that? Eat here or there? We make so many throughout the day that almost instantly we go with our instinct opinion or solution; something most similar to our own interests.

Have you ever made a quick decision on something that truly should have been thought out? I did this past week, and went with my instinct. Let’s just say it was a “he said she said” sort of situation and based off of hearsay, I just acted. I ended up putting a good relationship on hold, a relationship that I was so sure within the week would have had me taken.

Things were going so well that when this situation arrived and I had made my decision, I realized the mistake I was making. Everyone makes mistakes, right? No one is perfect!

I saw everything I had gained and that the decision I made to put a relationship on hold was mis-categorized. I was overwhelmed and acted too quickly without thinking things through.

I can tell you the relationship has been worked out and it is back on its feet. However, I am not going to lie about the aftermath. The feeling I have about how things would be if the situation never occurred. Or, the feeling of caution and not knowing when things may turn.


People need the highs and lows in life to know this is reality. If everything was always good, what would distinguish the great moments? Some of the biggest lessons are in mistakes and it is for those moments that you live and learn.

You cannot have success in something unless you are willing to risk a part of yourself in going after it.

So as you are reading this sipping your morning cup ‘o joe, or scanning through Facebook, or searching the web for some insight into the world—-I ask you to please think about be cognizant of the decisions you make that matter in how the future will play out. “Don’t make a permanent decision on temporary feelings.”


Happy Friday! 🙂

XOXO, Gabi

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6 Responses to Decisions {Musing On Life}

  1. ranchcookie says:

    This is so true and hits so close to home! I think it is important to make mistakes they lead us to the decisions that we couldn’t make without those ending feelings!

  2. Irene says:

    Girl, tell it! I made a very serious decision last year and am still working on making the move (takes a lot of preparation). It’s always best to go with your gut, but sometimes the gut needs a laxative or two. LOL~

  3. I really enjoyed this article. I think in order to make a decision with the least regret you can’t make it unless it ultimately comes from you! Nothing final from “he said” “she said” or you will never know if it was the right decision for YOU. Wait it out and see what comes. If it’s right you can do it when YOU are ready 😉

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