WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) #19 {All in A Days Eats}

Hey everyone! First off I want to thank Susan over at Simply Modern Dance for featuring me on her blog this week. You can click the link here to see my post contribution where I share a little more about me with the world.

As you all know…Wednesday is here and that means three things!

1.) Wednesday is the day that everyone celebrates before Friday hits because it means that we are halfway through the week…woop!


2.) It’s the day in the blogging world to celebrate all things FOOD with WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) when you mix and mingle at Jenn’s party 🙂


3.) I do not know about you, but for me Wednesday always seems to be the day where I get this mid-week burst of energy and inspiration to try something new.

Last week I decided to make my own list of spring goals to accomplish once the weather gets nice.


So what is today you may ask? On the list for tonight is to do some research, call up some friends, and come up with exactly how to make my own sushi rolls. I plan on having a date night in the near future called “make your own sushi rolls” and I REALLY, REALLY have no idea at the moment. That is the fun of it though right? To try something new and go at it with a smile on your face, and hopefully resulting in a happy tummy 🙂

So we will see, I will update you guys in the near future on how it all goes! All of these things I do each Wednesday is just a little something extra outside of my usual homework, work work, housework routines. It is nice to break away from the daily schedule sometimes.

Now it’s time for another What I Ate Wednesday, but today the highlight is What I Ate Monday. I have decided to take you through a full day of eats rather than my usual pictures of random meals throughout the week. So here is this past Monday’s review.


I got a new Garmin Forerunner 220 watch for my birthday and am absolutely in LOVE with it (review coming in the near future and how I decided on that specific watch)! So I began my Monday’s like always by waking up at 5am with a quick workout at the gym. I am in the middle of training for a half marathon so all of the days I run are scheduled with specific distances. This Monday was a light 3.5. 🙂


After going home to get fresh and clean I decided to whip up some breakfast, and my tummy was rumbling too. I whipped up some delicious scrambled eggs with spinach and turkey. To accompany my soon to be devoured creation, I added a delicious sliced banana, almonds, and craisins to the breakfast platter.


For my mid-morning snack I had to grab something quick, so of course I chose one of my favorite bars (gotta love the bars!). I need to head to the lab at school to work on a student documentary I am premiering with a fellow student at the beginning of April. It is about street children in the Philippines and based off of the trip I took this past June. You can read more about my experiences while away by clicking here for the posts.



For a quick lunch before the day really got busy I made a turkey sandwich and paired it with some berries, carrots, and pickles. I always love the fruit and veggie mix, too bad I was out of hummus.


Snack attack during the afternoon while doing homework. Gotta love the snack bag filled with some goldfish and a few wheat thins.


Later that night I spent some time in the kitchen to create a new dinner recipe. Sometimes I literally feel like exploring to combine whatever I have in the fridge from weekend leftovers. So this is what resulted. If you were to see the countertops before and after, you would think a food tornado swept through. I was literally chopping up everything I found in the fridge that fit my sweet salad craving. I can make quite a mess when it comes it cooking 😉 But hey! As long as it turns out delicious, right?


For dessert I had a DE-LIC-IOUS banana-nana filled with CRUNCY PEANUT BUTTER. Ugh..can you read my love for this?! Excuse me, while I lick the screen…again.


Let’s Talk–
Now it’s your turn to spill on your favorite eats!
What is one item you always have to have on hand in the fridge? —Mine is fruit!
Tell me about a dish you are always in the mood to make, no matter what the day!
Are you a person who sometimes likes to take adventures in the kitchen with creating your own recipes? How do they turn out?

Here is some Wednesday motivation to get you through the week….


XOXO, Gabi

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10 Responses to WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) #19 {All in A Days Eats}

  1. ranchcookie says:

    I always have egg whites in my fridge, it is the perfect and fast dinner or lunch!

  2. Lex says:

    I LOVE that you stuffed the peanut butter inside the banana. I thought I was the only one who made the PB canoe!!!

  3. Everything looks so good!!!

    I have been having eggs a lot lately, so filling!

    I loooooove think thin bars. Best bar on earth.

    Have a lovely day,

    • gabiwalter says:

      Thank you Lauren! I always hope I can make the food look as good as it tastes. If only we could taste test meals across the web..haha That would be AWESOME!

  4. I love your eats!!! I have been having a lot of eggs lately. Think thin bars are the best bar out there! Banana and peanuter = loooooove!

  5. I’m so intrigued by you wanting to give sushi rolling a try. Let me know how it works out. It’s actualy been something I’ve wanted to do mysef… but haven’t :-X Ha Ha! Great day of meals, especially your breakfast.

    You’ll always find eggs, fruit & veggies in our fridge
    Always in the mood for either a smoothie, eggs, tuna or salad (yes i’ve been known to have salad early in the morning LOL)

    • gabiwalter says:

      Thanks so much Jessie, I will definitely let you know about the sushi after I try it. 🙂
      Salads for breakfast? And just the same type of ingredients? Hey, it works, just like breakfast for dinner! Who says you can’t switch it?!

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