Not Everything Goes According To Plan

And so it begins….The end of the semester, the beginning of the madness. Where all nighters meet coffee addicts, and procrastination can no longer be accepted. Heading into the last month of school is already looking like a massive challenge, but taking it one day at at a time will make it better.

I am not the type of person to put things off, but rather break tasks up into chunks and attend to them over time. Per usual, I am the chicken running around with her head cut off. So if I was to leave everything until the last minute…OH GOD…well, I guess I would still be the chicken with her head cut off. Only, image her butt on fire so she’s aimlessly darting around. Yeah, that would be me…and that is why I am a planner, not a procrastinator.


That’s actually what I wanted to write about this Friday. It’s FRIDAY! Thank. Goody. Goodness. 🙂

Who are you in life? Are you the planner or the procrastinator? Does it matter only with certain things?

Until I got to college, I had everything in my life planned. LITERALLY! My daily schedule of what I was doing was planned, my homework, my meals, my time with friends, you name it! Even what I wanted to do as a career (back then it was Pediatrics) and where I wanted to live. Heck, I had it ALL planned out…to even what my dream house kitchen looked like and what family traditions I would want to hold with my children. Talk about future plans!!! haha…


When I got to college that all changed. I realized you cannot plan for everything. Also, plans change. Life takes you in different directions. What do you do when things do not go according to plan? Do you make a new plan, or do you just let things happen?

The type of planner I am is the one that organizes what tasks need to be done and when. I organize and plan my weekly schedules, meals, workouts, and homework. This sort of planning saves time so that I can get everything accomplished without feeling overwhelmed.

What I do not plan, or rather, what I take as it comes to me are the things in life I really cannot control. Already looking back at these few years of college, some of the experiences I’ve had or the knowledge I’ve gained or the friendships that have come my way, those things I could have never planned for.


These things that I have taken as life has given them to me are ones that are so much better than I could have ever planned for.


So do what you can and be in control to a reasonable sense. Do not let procrastination overwhelm you at the last minute if you have the opportunity to take advantage of a situation ahead of time. Most of all, let life happen—-and don’t forget to smile 🙂



XOXO, Gabi

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4 Responses to Not Everything Goes According To Plan

  1. ranchcookie says:

    I am the same way as you! I can’t procrastinate I get way to stressed and nothing gets done! That’s why group projects are my worst nightmare!

  2. I’ve always been a planner – however it kind of became a bit OCD. Ha! I actually told myself for my NY resolution I’d try to go w/ the flow more & really embrace and enjoy all that life has to offer. Sure I will always plan important things, but I’ve really learned to just kick back. It’s been nice.

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