WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) # 20 {Sunday Savor}

Sup Sup friends! Wednesday is officially one of the best days of the week because, well, it’s a food party of course! Just another WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday). As many of you know my schedule is picking up (by the minute) and I swear my to-do list could stretch from New York to California is endless. What keeps me sane in all this? Well, blogging actually. 🙂 I love to blog as my creative outlet to the world. Here I can share my thoughts, my experiences, my ups and downs, my goals, my aspirations, and myself. I do all of that to connect and relate to you. My goal is to make a difference in other peoples’ lives and this is one way I am reaching out to the world. If I post a situation someone can relate to, or an experience that inspires a reader to make a positive change in their life….well, then I am fulfilling my passion. Even if you just get a smile out of reading my posts.


I believe a smile has the power to change the world 🙂

Thank you to Kalee Sorey for featuring me today on her blog, Sorey Fitness, where I share what healthy means to me. Click here to read the post!

So let’s face plant into a full day of eats, shall we? Today I am sharing What I Ate Wednesday Sunday. Thank you to Jen as always for hosting!


First up, there was a terrible, TERRIBLE, surprise snowstorm Saturday night that had me waking up to this view Sunday morning. Pleasurable right? As if winter has not been long enough. 😦


The good news was that the sun came out during the day and melted a lot of the snow away. The high temps for the day were in the mid 40s. I snuck out for an afternoon 6 mile run and was wayyy overdressed. I found that to be a good thing, because it made me realize the snow and winter that I thought was coming again really was just a less than 24 hour mishap. Look at this sun brightening the neighborhood!


Sunday for breakfast I was feeling waffles. Not the ones with syrup, but rather my first love…PEANUT BUTTER! Mmm.mm good 🙂 I just had to top them with fruit and some almonds.


Have you ever craved something that you typically do not eat often. Well, recently I have had such a craving for eggs! EGGS! I usually have them once in a while around my devotion to cereal bowls, but lately..WOW, I am always in the mood for eggs. So Sunday I decided to have them for lunch, an egg scramble with turkey and veggies. I decided to top it off with a citrus sumo orange (beyond delicious) and some yogurt.


Sunday dinner with my family is the one dinner during the week that I NEVER want to miss out on. I love having the family all together, sitting around the table laughing and sharing stories, while eating mom’s delicious home cooked meal. Ughh…it is the best! That time and that meal is something I could never mimic on my own. It is the one meal during the week where I do not feel rushed to get somewhere. We as a family take the time to sit down together and enjoy each other’s company. I think that is something many families today no longer have time for, or place value on. It is nice to know that in the hustle and bustle of all our own schedules during the week, there is one time set aside to sit and enjoy the moment–be in the present.


Ending with a quote as always on Wednesday…


Let’s Talk–
Is spring coming where you live? How are the temperatures and sun?
Is there one meal during the week that you look forward to? Share it with me!
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As always you can click the WIAW Category on the right hand sidebar to explore some of my previous WIAW posts!

XOXO, Gabi

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12 Responses to WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) # 20 {Sunday Savor}

  1. I totally agree with you! Whenever things get really hectic and stressful, blogging so relaxes me! I can’t believe you are STILL getting snow. Fingers crossed spring comes for you soon!

  2. ranchcookie says:

    I love eggs! And that scramble looks pretty delicious! That is definitely one of my go to meals !

  3. Your egg scramble plate sounds delicious. I could literally eat eggs for every meal if I didn’t want to become completely bloated by the end of the day LOL

    • gabiwalter says:

      Thank you so much! The egg scramble was just something I whipped together due to my craving. I think it may become a weekly (or a daily for a little bit) if this obsession keeps up..haha 🙂

  4. A great quote to inspire living in and embracing the moment. It’s something we easily forget about only to regret it later. Talking food I agree family meals have a special value. I’m living on my own with my parents too far away to just quickly visit so these shared dinners have become even more of a rarity. Another of those times where the quote fits because years ago I was excited to finally move out and now I wish we had more of these moments together. Always wanting what we can’t get, right?
    Anyway, something I -do- have right now is plenty of sunshine. I’m sorry for those of you in the US who got hit by snowstorms again. Fingers crossed for spring making its appearance for you soon!

    • gabiwalter says:

      Always wanting what we can’t have is sooo true! I completely can relate on that whole moving out thing and feeling excited to be on your own..and then..you miss time with your family. That is why those Sunday dinners are so special to me.
      You are so lucky to be seeing the sun 🙂 Fingers crossed that it appears (and stays) for us soon!

  5. There is no other way to eat waffles than with Peanut Butter on top!! Who needs syrup?!

  6. Awww I miss family dinner!!! My parents are a few states away, so family dinners are a treat!

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