Time for A Little Recap

Heellllooo world! It has been quite busy around here lately and this week is the week of all weeks. I have a documentary premiering on Wednesday and then I am headed out on vacation (insert happy dance :))! The end of the semester is right around the corner and I this is my last opportunity to escape for a little bit and get the energy I need to finish strong. Most people are able to put away the work when they are on vacation, but since I am missing some school, I need to be doing work. What do you do with your work when you go on vacation? Any tips of how I can keep up, while still being able to relax and enjoy myself?


I plan on doing just I what I need to get done so that way I can enjoy my surroundings, de-stress, and take time for myself. I tend to be one to get ahead with work, but NO, not over this break!

The past few days have kept me out late and it was so nice to spend Sunday getting rest and back to the regular schedule. A late night to me is anything past 9:30 haha…the joke is that I have grandma bedtime hours (sorry grandma) and need my sleep. But hey!, I’m up early every morning so it would make sense that I fall asleep so early.

Thursday I went to an honors banquet with my boyfriend as a end of the year celebration for honors students and professors. I NEVER win anything….and guess what? I won a raffle of a $25 gift card to Barnes and Nobles. I was SO EXCITED! Not to mention dinner was quite delicious– only $5 per person, score!


Friday I was treated by the boy with a night at the ballet. We went to see Romeo and Juliet performed with a live orchestra. As a dancer, I have to admit that I have never seen a professional ballet in person. I have seen many performances by professional companies, and yes, the usual Nutcracker performed by studio students, but never a full length ballet performance by professionals–LIVE! It was absolutely wonderful and I would so go see one again. I was not sure at first if I would understand the dance and music without words, but even if you do not fully know the story, you can read the dancers’ actions in conjunction with tone of the music to understand the story.


Saturday was filled with some work and celebrating my friend’s 21st birthday party, but I had to leave early because I was exhausted from the long nights before.


Sunday was FILLED WITH SUNSHINE! I got tons of rest and even got to go out for a run! It felt like spring was finally on its way. No shame in my mid-running selfie.


I even spent time with my sister at the nail salon getting pedicures for our upcoming vacation. As a runner, getting a pedicure is a BIG DEAL, and I am SO happy to have pretty toes again. 🙂 Plus, spending time with your sister is an added and delightful bonus!


So now here we are…Monday, another start to the week. For me Mondays always begin with 5 am workouts at the gym because my day is packed. I have been running a lot for my half marathon training and decided to do some recovery miles this morning followed by a delicious, fueling breakfast. I just happened to find time to write this post and share with you all of the fun and busyness in my life.




Let’s Talk–

How are all of you doing??

Do you look forward to Mondays?

How was your weekend?

What are you looking forward to this week?

XOXO, Gabi

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