Life’s Ups and Downs

Literally my life is at an ultimate high right now. This is probably the biggest in MONTHS. Within the past 48 hours I had an interview for a prestigious honors society on campus, got a call back for an interview with a well-known company for a potential summer internship, premiered my student documentary on street children in the Philippines (post coming soon), and have drifted away traveled to the sunshine state for a little vacation. Not to mention last week I said yes to being in a committed relationship, which just adds more but also tons of fun to my plate.

Image[My documentary partner and our professors at the premiere]

It is moments like these that make you appreciate life. You would not know happiness if you did not know sadness. You would not appreciate the high points, if you did not experience the low ones. Everyone goes through bumps in their lives and when the moment comes where everything beings to fall into place..well, that’s pure joy. It is a moment where I can only think to “I am so appreciative and thankful to be here.” For me, all of this just happens to be happening at the same time so it feels like a major dose of happiness.


This morning when I woke up and took a walk on the beach, all I could think about was the beauty in everything I saw. Us humans have the potential to look at life from so many perspectives, and the circumstances and how we handle life’s obstacles effect that. I could have stood in the water watching the sunrise for days! Such a silent moment spoke immensely to me. I watched the waves kiss the shore, left my foot prints in the sand, and quietly sung to myself “and I think to myself, what a wonderful world….”


We experience so many things, so stand up when you fall and be humble when you fly.

XOXO, Gabi

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2 Responses to Life’s Ups and Downs

  1. ranchcookie says:

    That is so great to hear you are experiencing so many life highs! And a great reminder to be appreciative of the lows because without them there would be no highs 🙂
    Beautiful pictures of the beach too !

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