Spring has Sprung

Itsss Monday. Monday and I have a tough relationship– more like a love-hate relationship. Sometimes I love when Monday rolls around because of what may be happening that week or my desire to start a new week off fresh. However, sometimes my weekend is so busy that I just want more time to unwind or get things done off my to-do list. When Monday comes after feeling overwhelmed or not fully rested…well then life’s a struggle :/ Anyone else with me?!

What has really gotten me in the spirits though it this BEAUTIFUL weather we are finally having. Spring honestly took a while to get here, and now that the weather is shaping up…well it’s all I can think about! 🙂 I love being outside to run, walk, bike, garden, take pictures..you name it. We’ve been cooped up too long this winter and now that the sun is shining and the temps are rising, the happiness is spreading.

Do you make a spring to-do list?

Here’s mine so far (the list will keep growing):

-make visits to the local farmers markets

-start some gardening

-re-organize my room

-spring photo shoot with my best friend Emma


Image[This is from our fall photo shoot. We loving taking pictures for each other!]

-have a picnic in the park


-pick up a new hobby

Spring reminds me of a new start, a new beginning and I think just as the school year is ending and we head into summer, I want to start something new. I’m still thinking about what exactly my new hobby is going to be, but I’ll let you know when I figure it out 🙂

I also love making new running playlists for my early morning runs. The same songs over and over again get boring week after week. Besides, it has been WEEKS since I switched my latest one. So here are some recent hits and record favorites that I am loving right now.

ImageP.S. I’ve come to the realization that I could just blog and live on the beach the rest of my life. Yeah..that is my current life dream 🙂 Or at least my dream right now while on vacation before heading back into the busy body life!

ImageLet’s Talk–

How do you feel about Mondays? Love or hate them?

What is on your spring to-do list?

XOXO, Gabi

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3 Responses to Spring has Sprung

  1. i love the song “i blame myself”—its so catchy!

  2. and i definitely agree about another spring/summer photoshoot! can’t wait to see you!

  3. gabiwalter says:

    Thanks so much Em!

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