WAIW #24 {Busy Body}

Hello friends!

Happy Wednesday, or WIAW Wednesday I should say :). I have been MIA in the blog world this past week because the end of the semester is picking up with major assignments. This is the last week of classes and exams are next week. I am on my way to summer!! Wooohooo!

The status of my to-do list right now is overwhelming, but winding down. As of Friday morning all of the tasks on the list will be completed. But wait! I cannot do my happy dance just yet because then a new one will be made as of Friday afternoon for the weekend and week ahead. :/ Can you say “Geez Louise?!!” Yes, and with emotion too 🙂 haha..!

So anywho, let’s get to the party. I must say that I have been so busy, I sometimes forget to take pictures of the food I am eating. 😦 For  girl who literally has a photo shoot with her dish before every meal, I feel a slight pinch of remorse.

Tuesday rolled around and I remembered I could not miss the best day of the week so yes! Here is a full day of eats. Without further adieu…What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday. Thank you to Jenn as always for hosting this AWESOME party!!


My housemates recently gave me a boatload of some frozen fruit from an event they had and knew that with my fruit OBSESSION it would not go to waste. Naturally what do you think of to make with all of this fruit? If you are like me the answer is–smoothies! That is what I did Saturday, but there is soo much fruit. I did not just want to throw some frozen fruit into a bowl and call it a day, so I decided I wanted to think of some ways I can incorporate them into my meals.


Breakfast was chex cereal with milk, chocolate whey protein powder, and some microwave  heated raspberries and strawberries over top. It was the perfect combination of hot and cold in every bite. When I got to the bottom I was happily surprised and greeted by some strawberry milk. 🙂



Lunch was just a grab n’ go! I had just enough time to throw some salad and chicken together with bunch of mix ins, and some cottage cheese on the side. I always like to sit down and eat my meals if I have the time, but sometime you just have to eat in between activities of the day.


After a busy day, my boyfriend came over and I made dinner before we headed to the theatre to see one of my favorite musicals– Beauty and the Beast! I made some chicken with quinoa and steamed green beans. Mmmhmm, delicious!






The performance was wonderful and the perfect break in my busy week. I cannot believe how fast time goes by. Did I mention it is almost May??! Just remember in the craziness of it all, don’t forget to have some fun! 🙂


Let’s Talk–

Any recommendations on recipes where I can use my frozen fruit?

What are you looking forward to once this week is finished?

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XOXO, Gabi

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