What is Dance?


Have you ever had an addiction to something that you could not stop to think about for one second of what you were doing, but just had to feel the emotion behind the movement? Dance is exposing yourself to the rest of the world; it is putting your heart on stage for everyone to see. It is a passion that involves your whole body. Every time before a recital or competition, I remember just before walking onstage I would peek out into the audience and scan the crowd that sits in darkness. My heart would be racing fast and all I could do was go over the movements in my head over and over again, get on the floor and stretch my body even further, or check my costume to make sure I had everything and it all was in place.

Then came time to run out into position, you stand in your pose…frozen…and can hear your heart beating, feeling like it may explode from inside your chest. There is no turning back now. You take a breath, inhale deeply, and exhale slowly. Before you know it, the music starts, you face the audience and all the lights are shining on you as you look out into a sky of black where if you look closely you can make out the outline of the faces watching you. There is no turning back and now is the moment to shine. All that you have been working for is in this moment, all the countless hours of frustration, tears, pain, and then joy once achieved came down to this right here.

Now on the floor is not you doing the steps, but your heart showing the emotion behind the movement. You are living the song and show power behind each and every move your body makes. You feel free, unstoppable, and like the world is watching you in your moment. The minutes seem like seconds and before you know it, the music stops… your heart beat comes back stronger than ever as you gasp to catch your breath and you walk off stage, still conscious of your movement leaving the spot you came from. You pass the curtain, and let out a big sigh. It is over, and you feel great about what you had just done.

This is what motivates you to push yourself to the farthest limits and stretch your imagination to achieve the impossible. Everyone has something that drives him or her to the unstoppable in life. It takes passion, dedication, and risk taking to go after what you truly want. Without change, there would be no improvement, and the stagnant cycle would remain in repetition. When you mold your talent and take the time to perfect each and every move, you see improvement that in the end are the pieces to the puzzle of your life.

What is dance to you?

XOXO, Gabi

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