Announcing The be-U-ty Project

Happy Sunday, everyone! How has your weekend been going? Compared to the past few weeks this one has been more low-key. I have been busy working and catching up with family since being home, while preparing for my boyfriend’s month long trip to Cuba. I have been busy working on some going away gifts because we will be out of contact with each other the whole month. Yes, it has not completely sunk in yet for me either…. :o. I’ll be sharing more this week on exactly what I made him to take on his journey (not completely giving it away incase he is reading this ;)).


Before jumping into today’s post, my half marathon is exactly one week away and I am so excited. Friday afternoon I ran around town as a rehearsal (the dancer in me) for next week.


I CANNOT BELIEVE IT IS ALMOST HERE!!! This is my very first half marathon and I am so excited!! I just got into running last year and really started picking up my miles last summer.

Well, this is the beginning of another fresh week. So many thoughts have been running through my head and I have an announcement to share with all of you. This past Thursday I attended a luncheon with Miss America 2014 and this was the event that made me put my ideas into action.


Long story short I want to change the world, and more recently over the past few months, the view women have of themselves in society. I want to change the pressure they put on themselves because of the standard they feel they have to live up to that the media sets. I am going to be writing my senior thesis this fall for my undergraduate degree and it will be outlining this issue specifically amongst teenage girls. There will be two parts, one from a sociological view and the other a cognitive science view about what goes on inside the brain when we as individuals are receiving these bombarding messages. Finally, it will include some mental illnesses that result from societal and individual pressures, including eating disorders.

I hope you will follow me in my journey to educate and create awareness through what I discover over these next six months.

Women should celebrate all that they are as individuals because every one is truly beautiful in their own way. No one should compare themselves to anyone else! To help women embrace the individuals they are I am creating The be-U-ty Project where every week to two weeks I will be featuring how women throughout the nation are breaking the barriers society places on them.


Please check back this week for the first post, it will compel you to think in a new way.

Let’s Talk–

Fellow readers, how do you feel about this issue of women in society?

Do you feel there is pressure on how women look, causing them to reject their bodies?

XOXO, Gabi

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4 Responses to Announcing The be-U-ty Project

  1. zagorskm says:

    Gabi you are such a wonderful person! I am excited for your be-U-ty project! I definitely think that there is a pressure in today’s society about how women should look/act/feel. These things portrayed by the television and magazines make us think about what is wrong with us rather than looking at what is right with us. It causes many different things like depression, eating disorders, low self-esteem, among many others. We need to change that view of ourselves and the others around us and we need to focus on being much more positive and loving ourselves.

    You rock!

  2. ranchcookie says:

    This sounds so awesome! I can’t wait to follow this and read it 🙂 !

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