The Thoughts That Fill My Head

My first draft of this Thinking Out Loud Thursday post was going to be a personal post about sending my boyfriend, Brenden, off to Cuba for 6 weeks without any form of communication, but after writing it I decided I did not want to share this part of my personal life what I am feeling at the moment. I can tell you it has been quite a busy week and it is going to take some time for me to get used to this temporary change. I am currently trying to take it all in one day at a time. The beginning is always the hardest part.

I am the new girl on this playground called Love and I’m sharing my thoughts out loud with you this Thinking Out Loud Thursday. Thanks Amanda for hosting!


The phrase that keeps running through my head is “This is not goodbye, it’s simply see you later!” 🙂 I gave Brenden “Open When…” envelopes as a gift to last him the whole trip. I made a good amount for the 6 weeks with phrases like “Open When You’re Thinking of Us” or “Open When You’re A Day Away from Home.” All of them were made to help pass the time and to let him know even without communication I am still thinking of him. In all of the craziness I forgot to take a picture of what they look like for you guys. Here is where I got my inspiration from Pinterest.



1.) So besides Brenden filling up my life this past week with helping him pack and see family and friends, I have been doing some cleaning. I cleaned my room and got rid of all the papers from this past school year that I do not need. It is SUCH a relief throwing away things! A clean room makes one happy Gabi. 🙂

2.) I have really been getting into a new series I discovered on Netflix called The Following. Has anyone else seen it?! It is has become my latest addiction.



[Courtesy of Google Images]

3.) Remember that Mexican craving I talked about last week?! Well, it has not ended. Lately I could go for Mexican food every day of the week. Last night at the goodbye dinner with friends Brend ordered the monster enchilada. Can you just see the reality of how large this dish was?! We were not expecting this AT ALL!


4.) The half marathon keeps getting closer and closer–> it’s Sunday already! So far the weather is supposed to be low 70s and no rain. The race is early in the morning so I am hoping to get started in some 50 degree weather. Lately I am finding I can run my best with high 40s-50s when the air is crisp. This week I have been tapering off miles to prepare for this weekend. My body is going through a bit of a shock because it is not running as far and when I stop my legs tell me that they just WANT TO RUN! I am so ready and hyped up for my first half marathon!! I cannot wait to share my experience with you all.


5.) Brenden is the master of stir frying so he has been showing me his skills. Here are just two of the things I helped him make. I cannot wait to have a sushi night when he gets back! I do not know if these necessarily look as good as they taste, but know that they were DELICIOUS!


[Chicken stir fry with veggies, Lo mein noodles, and Peanut Thai Sauce]


[Steak and veggies over rice with Peanut Thai Sauce]

Do you like to whip up stir fry for dinners? Please comment and share some recipes for me try below :)!!

6.) I’ve missed out on two–> YES 2!, WIAWs (what I Ate Wednesdays) because I have been so busy with the boyfriend so I thought I would share with you what I have been eating lately.


[Cereal bowl of chex, fruit, and milk]


[Loaded salad with veggies and hamburger]


[Pb and J graham cracker sandwiches]


[Turkey sandwich with fruit, cucumber, and triscuits]


[Mother’s Day celebration with steak on the grill and steamed broccoli]


[SUSHI :)]


[Trail mix]


[Turkey sandwich with wheat thins]


[Turkey sandwich with strawberry slices and avocado]

7.) Today I plan on stopping by the library to pick up some good summer reads. My goal is to read at least 10 books!! Any recommendations?

Let’s Talk–

What random thoughts have you been having this Thursday?

Have you ever had someone close to you go away for weeks without any form of communicating with you?

I am making a new playlist for my half marathon this Thursday, any song recommendations?

Happy Thursday!

XOXO, Gabi

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8 Responses to The Thoughts That Fill My Head

  1. alex says:

    Awesome blog! Just started reading Dune by Frank Herbert and I highly recommend it

  2. That’s so sweet of you to do that for your man! I’m currently in a long distance relationship with a guy who’s serving in the military, so I definitely know how difficult it can be to not only be away from someone, but to not be able to communicate with them regularly. I won’t say that it ever gets easier, but you do get used to it. Hugs to you, lady ❤ Oh! And reading is a great way to keep yourself busy! I just finished up The Throne of Glass series, which I can't recommend enough. Definitely look into it if you like fantasy/adventure type books with a strong female heroine 🙂

    • gabiwalter says:

      I appreciate your kind words. I honestly haven’t been able to sit still all day! It will surely take time and I know this trip is full of good knowledge for his education. Thank you for the book recommendations! xo

  3. I’m not sure the reason behind your man leaving, but my husband and I did the LD relationship. We did it first when he went off to boot camp for the Marines, and then when he first got stationed. I finally moved to be with him. However, there were many training ops when he was gone for months & deployments. Like Amanda said, it may not get easier – but you do get used to it. For me, it was like having a first kiss all over again each time he came home. It’s also fun to make care packages 🙂

    • gabiwalter says:

      Brenden is away taking classes in Cuba to learn more about the country, culture, and language–specifically details during the time of the revolution. It’s all for his degree.This response made me smile, Jessie. 🙂 You are an admirable woman. 🙂

  4. SuzLyfe says:

    I want those foods in and around my mouth. NOW. I’m sorry that Brenden is going away, but I’m glad that you got the time in with him. My (now) husband and had our first foray into long distance right after I graduated, when I lived for 4 weeks in Jamaica. For that we could only communicate via email and skype, and Skype helped immensely (because we could see each other). Then, by the end of that summer, I left for graduate school, and we saw each other once a month. We continued to have our skype dates and texted and such. It’s tough, and 6 weeks is a very respectable amount of time to not be happy about him being gone for, but I promise, it will go by. It will pass. And then he will be back, and you will be so proud of him. You get 6 weeks to miss him, yes but also 6 weeks to really do you. My husband is a doctor, and sometimes I feel like WE are long distance! But again, you got it. Everyday, write him a letter, or take a picture for him with a little story, so that you feel like he is still there and active in your life.

    • gabiwalter says:

      You are so sweet!:) Thank you for that great idea. I think I will do a picture a day with a little story so that way he will have something when he gets back that catches him up on all that I have been doing.

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