The be-U-ty Project {Our Characteristics Written On Our Bodies}

Happy happy Friday!! The holiday weekend is almost here 🙂 Did you catch yesterday’s random thoughts? Today I am sharing with you my first post of The be-U-ty Project. Click the link here to find out more about this new creation!


If one of your closest friends was asked to describe you, what would they say? What attributes would they highlight and which ones would they leave out? How would you describe yourself?

Or better yet, what if our characteristics were written on our skin?


[Bold, Active, Reliable]

What if the world could tell what type of people we are just by looking at us? There would no longer be as strong stereotypes for gender or race in society, but rather each individual would speak of their own integrity.

If the writing on your body said it all, would you be more aware of how you treat others and yourself? Would you want to change the person you are because of how you are exposed to the world?

Every individual should feel comfortable in their own skin, embrace who they are, and should always be aware of how they are treating one another, weather or not their character traits were written on their skin. This is an interesting concept to think about because just like our personality, the words we speak and the choices we make are all a reflection of who we are as individuals.


The best thing is the be-U and let your character and inner beauty shine through!

To find out more about The be-U-ty Project please visit the Facebook page for details. Right now it is under some construction as the project gets started. Oh, and don’t forget to click “like”! 😉

XOXO, Gabi

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