WIAW {My Fruit Confession} & A Wacky Workout

Hey friends. Happy Wednesday. What has everyone been up to? I’m just trying to push through this week. Things have been up and down lately, but really I can’t complain.

Do you know what today is? National Running Day! Yes, I didn’t know a day was designated to all things running until last week… haha :o. I’ve pledged to run 8 miles in honor of this celebratory day! It has been a great morning so far!!


Today I have two things to share with you-

1.) What I Ate Wednesday

2.) A Workout for all of you to try at home. All you need are some dumbbells, sneakers, water, and be ready to SWEAT!

What I Ate Wednesday

Thank you Jenn, as always, for hosting.


Instead of sharing meals this Wednesday, I thought I would share confess to you my admiration obsession for fruit! Do you obsess over a certain food??


They are natural nutrients for our bodies. People may argue the sugar content, but that is natural sugar and way better then the additives in certain foods.

Did you know fruits include….

Potassium- helps to maintain healthy blood pressure

Fiber- helps you feel full and the process of your digestive system

Vitamin C- helps heal those cuts and wounds. –> A klutz like me definitely needs this

Folic Acid- helps the body form red blood cells

Strawberries, oranges, bananas, kiwi, black raspberries, blueberries—they are all so good 🙂

I think what I love about them is their freshness (especially during spring/summer at local farmers’ markets) and sweet taste! There is something that they have that no one else ever will. Sorry veggies :(.

So enough talk, let’s just get to the pictures of how I incorporate them into my daily meals, shall we?!!

Homemade Fruit Bowls [my guilty pleasure]




In Smoothies




With Meals





As A Snack




Workout Time!

Feel free to try this when you are looking to switch up your regimen at the gym. It will surely get your whole body moving and make you sweat! Don’t forget to listen to your body throughout and take rest when needed. Most importantly, don’t forget to hydrate afterward and stretch <—talked about this on the blog yesterday 🙂


Let’s Talk—

How do you feel about fruit? Love it or hate it?

Do you have a food that you love to eat every day? Anything especially during these summer months?

What is your favorite way to sweat?

Want to find out more? Head to Peas and Crayons to check out how others are celebrating this What I Ate Wednesday!

As always you can click the WIAW Category on the right hand sidebar to explore some of my previous WIAW posts!

XOXO, Gabi

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5 Responses to WIAW {My Fruit Confession} & A Wacky Workout

  1. Fruit all day every day, ESPECIALLY in the summer!! Seriously there are some days where its all I eat… fruit for breakfast in the form of smoothies, another smoothie for lunch, and a big old plate of it with a nice salad for dinner. That happens rarely, but still, it does happen sometimes 🙂 When its hot I just literally want fruit and big salads!

  2. There is no day without fruit! I already had an apple, blueberries and a few cherries in my breakfast this morning. And there is a hudge watermelon waiting for me which I will have after I went for a run. Such a tasty way to hydrate after a workout in summer.

  3. rzrgdvvzqt says:

    WIAW {My Fruit Confession} & A Wacky Workout | Gabi Walter
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