A Thank You to Our Bodies

Hi guys and gals.

This past week I found myself reading a lot of blogs about individuals who are searching to be made whole again. Each one has a different reason, but all of them claim to have lost some sort of connection with who they are. I commend these individuals for making their struggle public, and you never know if someone out there reading the post is going through the same situation. Bloggers write to make a difference in the world and I know these individuals are doing just that.

I wanted to write this be-U-ty post about the importance of loving who you are, even when times are tough. Our bodies do so much for us and it is important to take care of them.


Instead of criticizing our bodies for what we don’t have, let’s embrace them for what they do. So thank you….

Thank you eyes for helping me see the beauty of the world and those around me. I rely on you the most when it comes to taking in information about the world.

Thank you ears for helping me hear the opinions of those around me. You help me be a good listener for those around me.

Thank you loud voice for letting me vocalize my thoughts, creative ideas, bountiful laughter, and even the songs inside my head. You make it easier to be heard by others.

Thank you smile for not only making others’ day better, but mine to when I look in the mirror and you’re there waiting for me.

Thank you long arms for allowing me give warm hugs to those around me. You make a simple act comforting to those who receive it.

Thank you two hands for helping me apply my thoughts. Whether its writing an essay, whipping up a delicious meal, or crafting a DIY project, I know you’ll always be my right hand (get it ;)).

Thank you two legs for being strong through every tough run and getting me around each day. You’re the reason I am able to visit so many places in one day.

Thank you kind heart for letting me know what matters most in life. I’m a girl that follows her heart more than her head.

Thank you smart mind for allowing me to understand and make sense of the world around me.

Thank you, body, for for all that you do. The whole is nothing without all of its parts. Although I may not listen to you all the time when I’m overtired, stressed, or am running too much, you help me realize that I shouldn’t let my mind control the rest of me.

EveryBODY is beautiful.

Let’s Talk–

What do you embrace about your own body?

XOXO, Gabi

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3 Responses to A Thank You to Our Bodies

  1. Love your post! For some of us it can be so hard to accept our bodies and to often we forget about what they do for us. Therefore I love a taff workout which reminds me of what my body is capable of!

  2. nicely written ! Every day is a new day to make a new start! I think the older I get the more I appreciate each day even if it is not my best 🙂

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