A Weekend of Crazy Events!

So do you want the good news or bad news first? No wait! Maybe I should ask, “have you ever had one of those weekends where crazy things kept happening to you?” NO? You haven’t? Yes…?? :O This is when I wish the computer screen could tell me what others are thinking. Well, this weekend was one of those nonstop Kah-ray-zayy weekends!!! *said with attitude*

Bad news first, we’ll end on a good note. On Friday I cracked my phone :(. Golly G, Gabi! This is not the first time this has happened. I drop my phone a lot and its usually just fine, but while going down the driveway and setting up my playlist for my run…it slipped…gravity took it right out of my hands…face down…I reached down to pick it up, praying as always, and what did I find…cracks. What a way to start my Friday. I put tape over it to hold me until I get it replaced. Good thing I can still use it and take pictures with the back camera.


That afternoon/night I went to hang out with friends at a local concert on the waterfront, Kiss The Summer Hello. The crowd was mostly teeny boppers and moms, but as a 21 year old with her friends, I sang along and shook what my momma gave me for a majority of the night and went wild for some talented performers–> Austin Mahone and Jason Derulo.



Fast forward to the end of the night. I got off at the wrong stop with my friend on the train and we ended up sprinting after it. LITERALLY! The people on the train must have thought I was insane because I would not stop running to catch it, and every time I reached it at a stop, the doors had just closed and the train slowly moved on. I banged on the door for a good five seconds for passengers to open it (twice!) and they just stared at me saying they couldn’t. I think they were lying and just wanted to see me keep running..and they did..Once the subway was underground, we had to go with plan B. Hitch a ride with strangers..haha..no. Call dad. Always plan B, call “save the day” good deed dad 🙂

I was up late past midnight. First, I should let you know that I am a girl who needs her sleep! And guess what happens when I don’t get it? I get sick 😦 So after a late night mixed with a schedule that has me always on the go go go, I woke up yesterday morning with a terrible cold- cough, sore throat, stuffy and runny nose, and lack of appetite. Just.My.Luck. Good thing it was a short workday. 

The good news. I got glasses! I have had a prescription pair for many years that I would use in class when I couldn’t see the board, but lately my eyes have been getting a little worse. I was due for an eye exam and new pair of glasses! What do you think?!



Well let’s hope this week turns out better than the weekend, friends! 

Any fun plans this week?

XOXO, Gabi

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One Response to A Weekend of Crazy Events!

  1. I totally thought you were serious about catching a ride w/ strangers! Hahaha. Thank goodness for awesome parents 🙂 Hope you’ve started feeling better.

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