A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words



Memories- we all have them and it’s to photos we go to help recollect those memories.

Ever heard the phrase “A pictures worth a thousand words?” Well how many words can we sum up from the hundreds to thousands of photos we have? A LOT. Just think of all the photos we put up on social media or are tagged in. Each photo expresses to the viewer who we are (in many ways).

But what if we had a photo that captured a bad memory and wanted it erased? Is it as simple as a delete on the keyboard or throwing it away in the trash?

Technically having a photo legitimizes the event’s existence, it happened.

Now…what about the memories the camera does not capture? The ones that our minds call recall?

What does that picture look like in your head when you look back to it? Can you come up with 1,000 words?

I’m talking about the snapshots we take in our lives where we choose to not pick up the camera and post it all over social media to legitimize its existence.

Instead we took in the memory for its own worth through our senses–> how it looked, tasted, how we felt who we were with..simply enjoying the here and now. Shouldn’t our private experience with it be enough?

Life is not all about experiencing it through a lens, and I think sometimes we forget that because today’s society is so focused on documenting it all. Life is about experiencing it with our own eyes and allowing ourselves to change perspective (shift our lens) to better understand the world around us.

Let’s Talk–

What do you decipher as a memory that’s worth capturing vs. one that is worth living?

Does it depend on the moment?

XOXO, Gabi


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