The Cards We Are Dealt

Happy Friday, friends! I saw it!! I finally saw The Fault In Our Stars after reading the book this past weekend. I met up with my friends and sister last night to take my emotions on quite the whirlwind. Tissues are a wonderful creation in life. I don’t want to spoil anything if you have not seen it, but that movie gives you a whole new perspective on life. After watching it, I feel inspired, changed, and like I can understand certain individuals a bit more.

Tonight I have my first race since my half marathon last month! It’s just a 5k, but since taking a good break from running long distances, it is bound to still be a challenge. You’ll be getting the recap this weekend. 🙂

In life we cannot choose the cards we are dealt. We cannot control what family we are born into, the qualities we have (tall, short, etc..), the talents we will foster, the people we encounter, our level of health, or the journey we will find ourselves on. Sometimes it can be frustrating because we my feel that we are at a disadvantage or feel like we got the short end of the stick. In regards to health, people can only do so much, hoping that exercising and eating right will keep them healthy. However, what about when someone become sick and in the case of the movie, with cancer? How are they going to handle the cards they are dealt?

What about in our lives, what do we do when a storm comes our way? A loved one dying, a job lost, a breakup, how do we handle it?

All we can control in life is how we play the hand with the cards we are dealt. It is important to make the best of each situation. There is light at the end of every tunnel :). I believe that everything ends on a good note, so if it’s bad…know it’s not over.

For those of us who are in a good place in our lives and see our cards as blessings at the moment, count your blessings.

Be love.

Be silly.

Be creative.

Be thankful.

Be adventurous.

Be the good in life.

Be supportive to those in need.

Be a light for others.

Be inquisitive.

Be hopeful.

Be humble.

Be happy.

Be Yourself


XOXO, Gabi

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