5K Race Recap

Hey there! I can finally say…It’s Summer! Happy Summer!


[Celebrating summer at the waterfront]

This is one of my favorite times of the year with the nice weather coupled with a summer schedule filled with fun things. Does anyone else create a summer to-do list? I still need to write mine and create a list of summer goals. Click here to see what I accomplished last summer :).

Well the weekend has been great so far. I literally began the weekend by running off into summer. Friday night was my parish’s annual 5K great race and the weather was perfect. Every year it is beautiful, but sometimes it can be extremely humid and other times not so much.


Compared to my half marathon last month I knew this was going to be easy. However, I have not been running as much as I used to since my half because my legs just haven’t felt as strong. The farthest I have probably gone since then is 4.5/5 miles. I’ve been focusing a lot on strength training (mentally and physically) and stability with Pilates and Yoga. I decided to run the race for the fun of it! I just wanted to do well for me rather than focus on a time I was to beat.

Like a usual race I had my iPone with a running playlist (super short this time) and my Garmin. I also bought a new pair of shoes and the race was my first time running in them. I was unsure at first about my decision, but I knew I was not running too far and a good three miles would not hurt my feet.


Once the gun went off I discovered there was a glitch with my Garmin. Earlier last week when I was running with it I must have hit a button towards the end of my run because it all of a sudden stopped recording distance. Well as the race started and I saw the timer on my Garmin increase, the screen for distance was blank. “This is not an issue I told myself,” but really I like to glance at my Garmin periodically to record how fast my legs are going. Now I had no idea my average distance or the total distance, just the time. “It’s only three and a tenth of a mile, don’t worry.”

Don’t worry was the message of Thursday’s yoga class and I knew now more than ever was the test to truly practice that. I focused on my stride and listened to my body, and advanced ahead of people where I could. Mile 1- the guy on the sidelines yelled 7:15 as I ran by. “Just keep going,” I told myself.

Mile two was steady and mile three was literally mile one backwards. Once I hit the mile two mark (now just 1.1 miles left) I knew I was almost there! I kept my pace and tried to push myself where I could. Once I turned the corner and could see the finish it was the typical “so close, but so far moment.” I did not let myself slow down and finally, crossed the finish.


I grabbed some water from a cute little volunteer and had to walk it off as my lungs ached while sucking in air (still have that cold). My dad walked with me to cool down and chat about how I felt. I told him about my Garmin and my new shoes. Garmin- bad, new shoes- good. Throughout the whole run, I can happily say I did not let myself worry. šŸ™‚


After the race the night was filled with fun entertainment including bounce houses, jugglers, a rock climbing wall, and even a band to dance the night away. My sister and I had a lot of fun playing dress up and getting our photos taken in the photo booth :).




The next day I was able to look at my time and to my surprise, I won second in my age group- A time of 23.58 and Average pace of 7.44/M! I am still soo ecstatic over that. It is my best race recorded 5K time yet. šŸ™‚


Let’s Talk–

How are you kicking off the summer?

XOXO, Gabi

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2 Responses to 5K Race Recap

  1. FitNiceRunner says:

    Congrats on the new PR! That’s a great start to a summer bucket list, even if you haven’t written it yet šŸ™‚

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