Setting Summer Goals 2014

Whew! I think I can finally take a quick breather after running around all week and weekend. But now, how is it Monday already??! Time sure flies when you are having summer fun :). Today I wanted to share with you my summer goals! Yes, I finally sat down and had time to write them out. However when writing, I thought about goals and why people set them— to achieve/ accomplish a hard task, to personally improve oneself, to do something for someone else, to make a change, to stand for an idea, to increase one’s knowledge. There are so many reasons people set goals and are motivated to achieve them.

I think people are reaching their goals each day. They are accomplishing tasks here and there and taking on the unplanned life situations that occur each day. One thing I have truly learned to embrace is that change is constant, and not many of us like change. Being adaptable, trusting one’s abilities, and accepting that change is inevitable is how one can get through the many changes encountered in life.

Think about today and all that you have accomplished! What are some of the short term goals you have for yourself? What about the long term?

Never put limits on you or your abilities because anything is possible.

So here is my list of summer goals, I encourage each of you to make a list yourselves, even if it is only one thing…see what you can accomplish 🙂

1.) READ– I plan on reading ten books this summer, yes 10! I never have time to read during the school year ( yes textbooks, but they don’t count). I am already on book number two and going strong. I love reading for fun and just taking a book outside, sitting in the shade, and getting lost in pages upon pages for hours.

2.) GET CREATIVE– I absolutely adore all of those DIY projects on Pinterest and never have time to test my own creative. Summer means there is no better time to spend a day making any and everything I can think of! I really would like to create my own jewelry and new decorations for my room, especially a cool picture collage. So stay tuned for what is to come of this goal. 🙂

3.) EXPLORE HOME– I really would like to enjoy all of the sites Buffalo has to offer. There are so many parks, events, and places to see thought the city and nearby towns that I would really like to attend all that I can this summer. Just this weekend my family, boyfriend, and I all went to a City of Night event in Silo City. We got to light lanterns, appreciate art, listen to live music, and spend time together in the city we call home. Here are some pictures from the awesome event.







4.) MAKE MYSELF WHOLE AGAIN– This is probably one of my biggest goals this summer. I am looking to understand who I am and what I truly want in life. Senior year of college is coming up and I have so many options of where to go from here, and honestly…I have no clue. The other day on Twitter someone posted that freedom of choice creates the greatest anxiety, and guess what?? I completely agree!

Right now I am focusing on better understanding myself and my abilities by connecting my body and mind though Yoga and Pilates. I am really working on gaining not only physical, but mental strength. Yes, I am still running for the stress release and freedom it gives me, simply grabbing my shoes and going :).

I am not broken by any means, but my interests, strengths, and ideas are choppy. I am looking for more of a complete understanding of myself.

I came across this goal in one of my yoga classes. I am really trying to ground myself and understand who I am before rising through life’s challenges.


So I ask you again, what goals are you setting? What are you looking for in life? The answer may just be right inside of you. Happy Monday!

XOXO, Gabi

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