Checking-in On Others

Today I am liking up with Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

Happy Thursday!

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How many people do you think we interact with in a day?

Our family members, co-workers, people on the streets, at the store, in the gym, etc..

They all have their own story.

They all walk different paths on different roads that somehow lead them to where they are today.

Do you ever wonder about other people’s stories, or when you interact with them do you just care about how they are going to serve yours?

In the morning for example, the man behind the counter, I only care that he makes my Matcha Latte with skim milk and does not over steam the milk. If he does that correct, on to the next interaction.

But do I care to ask him how his day is going? Do I even know what kind of morning he has had? N.O.

I seek to wonder where in the world the focus has gone on just checking-in with others. With the busyness of life, we get checked-in to our own schedule, and routine, and always worry about what is next for us…BUT…what if we stop to have a quick conversation with the guy that always makes the Matcha Latte or with the yoga instructor who inspires the class to explore their strengths on the mat?

How would the world be if everyone just took one moment each day to check on someone else?

I dare you to take action.

You never know what you will learn or who’s story you’re going to impact.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 7.52.37 AM

Let’s Talk–

How does it feel when others check-in on you and see how you are doing?

XOXO, Gabi

Let’s Connect!

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One Response to Checking-in On Others

  1. The older I get, the more I try to make connections with people… especially if I see them on a more regular basis. But it can be so hard to do when everyone is go, go, go all the time, and no one has time for good old social interaction anymore. I kind of hate that that’s what the world is becoming since it seems to be making us more robotic than anything else, but at the same time, it kind of feels odd when people start to ask you too many questions about things 😯

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