Hiatus: In A Perfect World

Hello everyone and sorry for the lack of posts this past week! I have something important to share with you all today.



In a perfect world, there is sunshine each day.

In a perfect world, peanut butter is a food group, and chocolate and bananas are its best friends. 😉

In a perfect world, people can eat whatever and do whatever they want, and still look and feel great.

In a perfect world, people exchange an abundant amount of “thank you” with one another and their acts of kindness supersede their acts of selfishness.

In a perfect world, we can do and have it all- dream job, social life, close family and friends, and more.

However, life is not a perfect world, no matter how much we may want it to be.


I struggle to say “no” to things and say “yes” to help when it is offered. I just want to do everything!

Well, right now my life is maxed out! My schedule is overflowing with commitments to work, internship, and LSAT classes (A LOT OF OUTSIDE STUDYING). I am struggling to find free time to blog and even fit in my workouts :(. When I do get free time during the week I am really trying to spend it with family and friends, and just take a break from my hectic schedule.

Unfortunately I need to take a break from blogging, I do not know how long. The time I spend planning and writing posts right now could be used wisely for more important things. Right now LSATs are a priority and the exam is at the end of September. I will be doing A LOT of work between now and then for a competitive high score.

I wish I could do it all and still have time to myself at the end of the day, but that is not the case.

Just yesterday I received an email from my yoga instructor who hasn’t seen me in class all week. She must have sensed something was up because her email was a reminder to take some time during the week for myself, for just me on my mat. I was grateful for that little message of light and hope to be back on track next week!

I hope to post and check in with you all here and there. So please stop back sporadically until I can get my schedule set and start blogging again!

Let’s Talk–

What keeps you sane when you are trying to handle an overwhelming schedule?

XOXO, Gabi

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2 Responses to Hiatus: In A Perfect World

  1. Were all human & understand life sometimes gets in the way. Good luck on your exam & enjoy any extra time you do have w/ family & friends. We’ll all be here when you return XOXO

  2. Michelle says:

    hang in there sweetie! We’re here when you get more of a breathing room!

    Totally off-topic though, remember when you shared Stitchfix in a post? Do you have a review of Vain Pursuits? My girlfriends are all trying them!

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