246632_542003055851443_1825609123_nHello everyone, my name is Gabi! I am a college student, quote fanatic, health and fitness junkie, aspiring world changer, and devotee of all things peanut butter.

This is my story…

Ever since I was a little girl my parents say that I took the world by storm. I was singing and dancing at a very young age and was passionate about my achievements going right into kindergarten. I remember my first year of dance and how excited I was to put on my tap shoes and move my feet across the tile floor to hear the clicking of the taps, not making any appealing sounds to my parents of course, but from there my passion for performing really soared. I have been involved in musicals since middle school and throughout high school, along with dance now leading into a dance minor here at Canisius.

However, in high school my determination was to push myself to become a doctor. I love challenges and adore children. I had taken APs, honors classes, and done internships in Pediatrics. I applied to over ten colleges with exceptional pre-medicine programs and  Canisius seemed to be the best fit. However after the first semester of taking just Math and Science courses, I felt something was missing. Although I was good at it, something that others struggled with, I was not happy. I was missing my creative side that I had with me throughout my whole life and did not have time for the one thing that made me–me! I waited out this feeling, added a dance class spring semester and decided I needed to follow my heart.

This past summer I studied abroad at the Ateneo de Manila University in Manila, Philippines to understand the issues of poverty, wealth, faith, and justice in the Philippines. The experience was like no other, and I gained a better understanding of how the third world struggles to survive. Here in America, the idea of the rest of the world and the hardships so many face are quite foreign. Sure we see it on TV, but it does not hit us when we walk outside our door, and often times we spend our days blind and enclosed in our own individualistic lives. In the Philippines, I was captured by the fact that although the people do not have much, they are all about others and the community. A life of just having the basic necessities is enough. Most the families work hard to put their children and their children’s education before themselves to better their children’s lives.

Upon returning to Canisius in the Fall, I took a human rights class and knew that civil rights law was the new path I was determined to follow. I often wonder to myself how was I so fortune, by God, to be put in the place that I am with the opportunities I have, with the people who surround and love me. I have been given so much in life and am so fortunate with all that I have, that I want to share my blessings. I want to change the world and be a voice for those who are silenced and deprived of their basic human rights.

Flash forward to second semester of Junior year. I have changed my major to Communication Studies in Public Relations and Pre-Law. I would have never thought of myself taking this route coming into college. However, after a few years of exploring who you are and what you may want to do with your life, it all seems to fall into place. I aspire to be in law and help others obtain basic rights, not too sure exactly where yet..but I know that I am on the right path. After all, the world is at my fingertips…



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  1. SimplyShal says:

    What an amazing story – thank you for sharing : ) Also, I LOVE the quote at the end!

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