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Sharing Some Stats: Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Hello, hello! I am ashamed of the fact that I have not blogged all semester. The original plan was that  I would get back to it after I took my LSAT at the end of September, but the semester just … Continue reading

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Day 1, Junior Year….

And so the school year begins.. It feels like I have not blogged in forever, and that is so true! Orientation training became CRAZY and time spent with the freshmen became even crazier in these past two weeks. Although I … Continue reading

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Orientation Training- Day 2

Day 2–still as much energy as day one! I hope I can keep this up 😉 The morning began with a reflection about what we as individuals can do to change the world. “To change the world you don’t have … Continue reading

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Orientation Training- Day 1

As much as I love summer, coming back to school and seeing all my friends is one of the best things to start off the school year. I do not know if I have said this before, but my college … Continue reading

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WIAW- Moving in, Orientation, and Goal #3 Learning to Cook

THIS is WIAW #8! Oh my gosh!! It’s here—TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF ORIENTATION TRAINING…and it’s Wednesday 🙂 It took spackling, fixing a hole in the ceiling, pulling out staples and tape from the wall, priming, painting and 3 … Continue reading

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